Personalization is an extremely important aspect of everyone’s life. Imagine going to a restaurant and not being able to order exactly what you wanted because they do not personalize their food for you? They just serve the same meal to every individual. Would you keep going back?  Think about receiving a card from someone for your birthday, graduation, Valentine’s Day - Would you prefer a card that was just store bought, or would it be better if the card also had a hand written note that was personalized for you?  My question is simple:  wouldn’t everyone prefer their website experience to be personalized to them, addressing wants, needs, and preferences?   

With the right technology, you are able customize messages, experiences, and calls-to-action in real-time.  Now, the question becomes: what is the best way to do this?  Here are some ways, and you can think about what would work for you:

What do they want?

One of the first aspects to think about is to decide what your visitors’ want. They come to your site for a reason. Think about messages that they would want to see. What would make them feel more comfortable navigating through your site? What would make it easier? Knowing how visitors navigate through your site today is a very important step in personalizing your website. With Google Analytics, you can determine which paths and pages are most effective. With real-time messaging, you are able to guide these visitors to help them achieve their goal.

Build Relationships

Building a great relationship with someone takes time and the same goes for your website. You have to make a great first impression and you learn more about that person through conversion. On your website, you have to do the same. A welcome message, survey, or site tour will help you learn more about that online visitor. Instead of learning more about that person through conversation, you learn more about them from where they came from, their behaviors, clicks and more. A static website will only take you so far. Make their experience personal –figure out that they want, what they need, and assist them through the process.  

What about anonymous visitors?

Whenever people have a great relationship, it always starts at the beginning.  Both parties start out as strangers.  The same goes for your site. You can welcome your first-time site visitors and give them more information about your product and offerings. If they’re looking for a certain item or piece of information, you can help guide them to the right place. You can use messaging to capture more information from your anonymous visitors like permissible email addresses. In this Men's Wearhouse example, they just simply ask:

Live Chat

Mastering the customer experience is what is most important.  Making your customers as happy as possible is what’s going to make your website successful. You can implement a live chat feature that allows visitors to ask any question at any time during their session. You can make your website your best salesperson – just like an in-person sales associate would – they ask questions, listen to your preferences, and help guide you to meet your needs.

People like having aspects of their lives personalized towards them.  Why not do that with your website?  All your visitors can have their experiences personalized so they feel more comfortable on your site, and that will be beneficial to you.