Support Resources Available to Every Customer

Maximize the business value of the Evergage platform by leveraging our expertise to empower you to control your own destiny in a focused, efficient and impactful way.

Identifying the right personalization and customer data platform is paramount, but successful execution extends well beyond the technology. To ensure a measurable return on investment, a company must consider its strategy, resources, training, quality assurance, measurement approach and more – aspects not everyone is fully aware of or prepared for when getting started.

The Evergage Center of Excellence (CoE) consists of an extensive set of resources made available to each and every Evergage customer to ensure effective execution of personalization strategies and vision. The CoE represents Evergage’s unwavering commitment to enabling our customers to rapidly achieve desired business outcomes through data-driven, cross-channel personalization.

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Customer Success Representatives
All Evergage customers are assigned a customer success (CS) representative with relevant industry-specific personalization expertise. Your CS representative will help you get started with the platform, help you develop solid strategies, and assist with the implementation of your initial campaigns.

Implementation & Support Services
CS representatives, with support from members of Evergage’s technical operations team, guide new customers through key milestones of the implementation process. Ongoing support is also provided via phone and email and through regularly scheduled check-ins.

Strategy Team
Evergage’s strategy team – consisting of experts in the retail, financial services, technology and other industries – collaborates with your CS representative to help you develop plans that prioritize short-term objectives while also setting you up for success in achieving your longer-term goals for personalization.

Managed Services
For customers looking for ongoing assistance with campaign design, development and execution, Evergage also offers managed services. Additionally, we work with carefully selected services partners who can help too.

Personalization Management Office (PMO)
For companies new to personalization or those seeking expert guidance, Evergage’s PMO framework includes templates and worksheets that are designed to help companies implement a structured system for managing a personalization program – with rules, procedures, accountability and oversight.

eCampus is Evergage’s online learning portal where customers and partners seeking to develop the skills to become proficient with the Evergage platform can take courses, complete quick checks, and practice what they’ve learned.

Evergage’s knowledgebase is a repository of guides and articles covering diverse topics – getting started, campaign management, reporting, integrations, etc. – designed to quickly address questions that business users may have about the Evergage platform.

Categorized according to industry, strategy and goals, playbooks provide Evergage customers with proven ideas for planning and implementing personalization campaigns to achieve different engagement objectives across digital properties.

Evergage’s annual flagship event, The Personalization Summit, is the preeminent conference for digital marketers and personalization professionals. It features world-class keynote speakers, breakout sessions, hands-on workshops and great networking opportunities. Evergage also executes numerous, local roadshows throughout the year.

Customer Focus Groups
To ensure customers have a voice in product updates and roadmap plans, Evergage frequently hosts co-design and journey mapping sessions. This gives platform users an opportunity to get an early look at upcoming enhancements, provide feedback to Evergage engineers, and test out new features.

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