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September 14, 2016


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The Business Impact of the Power of 1

1:1 personalized experiences will become the primary way you communicate with your prospects and customers. Why?

  • In the Pre-Internet era, business-to-customer interaction wasn’t particularly efficient but relationships were generally strong.
  • The Internet brought efficiencies desired by both parties, lowering costs for the business and increasing speed for the customer, but it did so at a high cost to the relationship.

The next era is upon us. Now, because of the combination of in-depth data and real-time cross-channel 1:1 personalization that Evergage provides, businesses and their prospects/customers can have deep relationships that are still efficient. That changes everything. That’s The Power of 1.

Karl will explore the implications of The Power of 1 for our clients, from how to design digital experiences to how to re-think today’s business model. James Rhee, private equity e-commerce industry investor and CEO of Ashley Stewart, will join Karl in a conversation about the real-world business impact of The Power of One.

Karl Wirth, Co-Founder & CEO


How Evergage Can Help you Realize the Power of 1

Evergage was purpose-built to enable marketers to realize The Power of 1. Evergage brings together the ability to deeply understand your customers and visitors in real time (leveraging behavioral data, attributes, segments, audiences, algorithmic recommendations and predictive machine learning) with the ability to communicate with them on a 1:1 basis via personalized experiences, promotions, messages, etc. – delivered over the web, on mobile, in email or even in person.

In this session, Karl and Greg will lay out the 5 key elements of The Power of 1 including new functionality and the product roadmap:

  • 1 Platform to Use
  • 1 Profile to Drive 1:1 Experiences
  • 1 Moment to Engage Visitors
  • 1 Marketer to Manage the Solution
  • 1 Company Dedicated to Your Success

Through stories, demos and customer interviews, you will learn what is possible and how to realize the best results with Evergage.

Greg Hinkle, Co-Founder & CTO

Karl Wirth, Co-Founder & CEO


Networking & Morning Snack


Client Panel: The Power of 1 in your Organization

Evergage provides you with the #1 platform and the #1 customer success team to help you reap all the benefits of The Power of 1. Whether you are a self-service or a full-service client, your organization will only be successful if you put in place the right culture, people and process. Listen to and ask questions of an experienced panel of your peers as they discuss:

  • Where are you in your personalization journey?
  • Who owns personalization?
  • How do you develop strategy?
  • How do you execute?
  • What is your culture around The Power of 1 and how are you influencing that?
  • What are your big successes?
  • What have been your big challenges or missteps?

Karl Wirth, Co-Founder & CEO


Networking & Lunch


Personalization for Customer Success: Real-World Examples and Results

On-boarding, churn reduction, in-app analytics and more! Learn all about how Evergage customers are optimizing their usage of Evergage in their SaaS applications and come ready to share your stories of success!  Learn about:

  • Impactful segments for maximum churn reduction and customer insights
  • Campaign best practices to reduce support costs, inform customers and increase stickiness of your product
  • How to utilize Evergage Reporting to gain deeper behavioral insight into your user base

Julie Hayes, Customer Success Manager / Product Manager - Mobile

Nic Winters, Customer Success Manager

Personalization for Demand Generation: Guiding Visitors Along the Buyer’s Journey

If your website’s focus is demand generation, then your goal is to get anonymous visitors to become leads and, ultimately, happy customers. There are many steps in the buyer’s journey, and personalization can help!

Use it to:

  • Improve initial engagement
  • Better educate visitors and enhance their experiences
  • Increase visitor-to-lead conversion rates
  • Improve the onboarding experience for trial or paying customers

Learn not only how Evergage customers are driving conversions with personalization, but also how we are using Evergage on to do the same!

Andy Zimmerman, Chief Marketing Officer

Dave Parsons, Customer Success Director

Personalization for Financial Services: Driving Acquisition, Cross-Selling and Retention

For financial services organizations, customer satisfaction optimization focuses on creating, maintaining and assuring satisfying experiences. Best-in-class organizations are increasingly turning to 1:1 personalization based on algorithmic machine learning to accelerate traditional surveying and hypothesis-based A/B testing. There's no better way to improve customer experience than delivering the right content, at the right time, to the right visitors, all in real time.

This session will uncover methods to:

  • Enhance targeting and persona-driven messaging to anonymous visitors, returning prospects and existing customers
  • Dynamically present relevant content and offers based on deep behavioral tracking
  • Upsell existing customers and drive cross-sells
  • Carry experiences across devices by tracking user insights through website, web apps and mobile apps

Join us for an insightful discussion about how financial services organizations utilize personalization to market, sell and service their products without lengthy IT cycles or security roadblocks.

Jonathan Ranger, Chief Customer Officer

Logan Goulett, Customer Success Manager

Personalized Experiences for E-commerce & Travel Sites

Personalizing the shopper’s journey relies on a solid understanding of your segments and the intent of your customers. This intent is based on their in-the-moment behaviors and engagement over time, with particular attention on how they spend their time while navigating your site.

In this session, you will learn skills to:

  • Personalize your home page, product pages and landing pages
  • Analyze user behavior to create meaningful segments
  • Understand segments to create actionable campaigns

Karen Simmonds, Customer Success Director

Meera Murthy, Vice President, Strategy


Designing Kick-Ass Campaigns with Evergage

Join us for an interactive session on creating messages with Evergage! From the key elements of good design to planning the user experience — you will learn how to utilize Evergage’s features, including the Visual Editor, to build effective and successful campaigns.

Amie Levasseur, UX & Creative Director

Emily Canina, Experience Designer

Katie Houck, Graphic Design Specialist

Evergage Tools for Troubleshooting & Gathering Insights

Evergage Tools is a powerful feature that gives you a snapshot of all Evergage activity and data on a page, including custom fields, actions, and campaigns.

Join us to learn how to use Evergage Tools to:

  • Troubleshoot common campaign issues
  • Identify actions/action mapping
  • Quickly get an overview of and insights on campaigns you have running

Christina Wiech, Personalization Developer

Eric Williams, Software Engineer

Mastering Segmentation for Analytics and Targeting

Successful personalization requires flexible, marketer-driven, real-time segmentation. With Evergage, you can slice and dice your various audiences to build an unlimited number of segments using extensive data from site visits, together with offline data from CRM, email/marketing automation, other data sources, or even list uploads.

Learn all of the elements of segmentation and recent enhancements. Discover how to use segments for analytics, trending, creating targeted campaigns, increasing relevance, enhancing visitor experiences and providing lift in conversions.

We will be focussing on the 5 key uses of segments:

  • Personalization for campaigns
  • Goals tracking and filters
  • Visitor / Customer / Account analysis
  • Diagnostics
  • Integration with other systems

and leaving you with the key segments you should be using today!

Dave Parsons, Customer Success Director

Lumena Banerjee, Customer Success Manager

Predictive Recommendations for Products and Content

In this session, we will discuss Evergage Recommend, our innovative approach to recommendations, highlighting its marketer-friendly “white box” nature and customizability, 1:1 individualization of results, and applications not only for products but also for content.

We will focus on demonstrating best practices for product and content recommendations and customizing and tuning recommendation “recipes.”

Andrew Patti, Software Engineer

John Watts, Software Architect

Karen Simmonds, Customer Success Director


Networking & Afternoon Snacks


Advanced Design & Coding Workshop

Effective personalization enhances the user experience and drives conversions.

Learn how to design and implement advanced campaigns in Evergage — from the look and feel, to the overall experience, to the code that ties it all together. By pushing the envelope with your design and development skills, you'll take your personalization to the next level.

Alex Kieu, Solutions Engineer

Amie Levasseur, UX & Creative Director

Ashton Landry, Design Manager

Best Practices in Testing and Attribution Analysis

Knowing the results of your campaigns and feeling confident in their integrity can be a challenge. But even if you’re not a statistics expert, Evergage’s reporting, filtering and campaign segmentation can reveal measurable, impressive results in real time.

We’ll demonstrate how confidence levels are computed, measured and analyzed in campaigns to help you avoid several common statistical mistakes and provide a solid statistical baseline. You’ll learn how to choose an attribution window for your campaign, define conversions for events (like demo requests or newsletter sign-ups), and compare different personalized experiences to determine which is most successful.

Meera Murthy, Vice President, Strategy

Oleg Rekutin, Director of Engineering

Evergage for Email: Advancing the Conversation to the Inbox

Ready to extend personalized, real-time content and recommendations from your website into your email campaigns and back again? Learn how B2B and B2C marketers can now leverage Evergage’s unified customer profiles and data to dynamically power product recommendations, promotions, abandoned cart reminders, content downloads, cross-sell messages, loyalty and discount offers, and much more! Learn how to master Evergage for Email.

Eileen Chow, Demand Generation Ops Manager

Ian Springer, Software Architect

Matt Quinn, Software Engineer

Managing Your Evergage Campaigns

Evergage gives you the power and flexibility to create and launch personalization campaigns with ease. In fact, it is common for companies to run hundreds of Evergage campaigns at any one time. But managing so many campaigns has its challenges — when and how do you launch, optimize and retire campaigns?  Join a panel of Evergage customers for a discussion on tips, tools and techniques for generating and evaluating new campaign ideas and managing active campaigns!

During this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Setting goals when launching a new campaign
  • Accessing and sharing metrics with internal decisions makers
  • Using seasonal and evergreen campaigns
  • Balancing rule-based and algorithmic-driven campaigns

T.J. Prebil, Product Marketing Manager


Evergage Data Hub: Integrating Personalization Into Your Corporate Ecosystems

Evergage collects massive amounts of useful real-time visitor data on your web site or user data inside your application. But what about other data you have stored in your CRM, marketing automation, BI or other systems?

Learn how to easily feed that data into Evergage to make your Evergage segments and campaigns even more targeted and powerful! Also learn how to easily export Evergage visitor data into external systems.

Discover how to connect Evergage with your entire software ecosystem.

Ian Springer, Software Architect

Karl Wirth, Co-Founder & CEO

Personalization as a Critical Component of Your Account-based Marketing (ABM) Strategy

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a hot topic these days. B2B marketers are eager to collect information about their target accounts and industries to reach them more effectively. While there are many different ABM approaches to do this (email campaigns, digital advertising, events, etc.), this session will focus on ways to use reverse IP lookup to identify when an employee from a particular company or industry lands on your site along with in-depth behavioral tracking to deliver highly relevant experiences and messages.

Andy Zimmerman, Chief Marketing Officer

Isaac Brower, Account Executive

The Ins & Outs of Evergage for Mobile

Your users aren’t chained to their computers, so your personalization campaigns shouldn’t be either.   Evergage allows you to understand and reach out to your users wherever they are spending their time — on mobile, desktop or email. Join us as we cover:

  • Using Evergage for Mobile Apps
  • New capabilities for Android and mobile web
  • New features you’d like to see in the product

Annie Tuan, Software Engineer - Mobile

Julie Hayes, Customer Success Manager / Product Manager - Mobile

Vivan Cung, Software Engineer


Networking & Cocktails


Wednesday, September 14, 2016