Digital Growth Unleashed, Las Vegas, NV

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We're excited to sponsor Digital Growth Unleashed 2018!

Up until recently, one-to-one personalization didn’t truly exist. Digital marketers were able to personalize only at the one-to-many level: that is, delivering a single experience to groups of people with similar characteristics – who may or may not be all that similar. But artificial intelligence (AI) – in particular, machine learning – has changed the game.

Join Evergage CEO, Karl Wirth, Wednesday, May 16th at 2:25pm during his session, "Raising the Bar on Personalized Experiences with Machine Learning and AI." You will learn:

  • How machine learning enables individualized and more effective engagement – acting on vast stores of data to drive unique personalized experiences at scale and within milliseconds
  • How to identify use cases for machine-learning personalization across channels (e.g., on your website, web and mobile apps, onsite search, email campaigns) – and apply it to increase engagement, conversions and revenue
  • Ways to capture deep behavioral data and combine it with customer data from other sources to drive AI-powered personalization
  • That you don’t need to cede control – marketers can have insight into and manage the algorithms that drive personalized experiences
  • Best practices from five real-world examples at leading brands across industries

Also, catch up with Karl during roundtable lunch discussions. Karl will be leading the discussion at table # 9 during lunch on Wednesday, May 16 and Thursday, May 17.

Interested in attending #DGU18? Learn more here.