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Evergage GmbH is excited to sponsor eTail Germany 2018!

Personalization is key for retailers and eCommerce companies, and machine learning can enable individualized customer experiences at scale. But how can marketers still control strategic goals and KPIs without relying blindly on machine learning, while benefiting from its power at the same time? 

Join Gregor Wolf, eCommerce expert and Evergage Managing Director and Meera Murthy, Evergage VP of Strategy on Wednesday, March 14th at 11am during their workshop. Gregor and Meera will show how marketers can use machine learning in their personalization programs and strategies to boost engagement and business results. Meera and Gregor will present real-world examples of customer experiences that have been enhanced with the use of machine learning, and answer questions provided by the audience in anticipation of the workshop. 

Also, be sure to stop by the Evergage booth to share ideas and discuss the latest trends in personalization in eCommerce!

Let us know you’re coming, or set up a visit at our booth!

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