Infopresse Marketing Trends Conference, Montreal

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Join Karl Wirth, Evergage CEO, December 6th at Infopresse Marketing Trends Conference in Montreal!

The dream of delivering customer experiences personalized to each individual is finally possible with machine learning. One-to-one personalization is proven to drive engagement and conversions, and 88% of marketers believe that their customers now expect personalized experiences.

Join Karl at 1:45pm during his session, "One-to-One Personalization in an Omni-Channel World". In his session, you'll learn how to identify use cases for personalization across your website, applications, email and other channels, capture deep behavioral data and combine it with customer data from other sources in a unified customer profile and apply ideas and best practices from real-world examples of personalization campaigns.

Stop by our booth after Karl's presentation to celebrate his recently published book, "One-to-one Personalization in the Age of Machine Learning". Be sure to get your own signed, complimentary copy. Customer experience experts Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. have already given the book rave reviews, calling it “a down-to-earth, eminently practical how-to guide for succeeding in today’s world of predictive analytics”!

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