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Join Evergage at IRCE!

By the end of the year, companies that have fully invested in online personalization will outsell those that haven't by 30%. Responding to each shopper's unique preferences and intent across channels is key to building customer loyalty and driving sales.

Join Evergage CEO & Co-founder, Karl Wirth, and Carhartt’s Director of Global D2C Digital Platforms, Anna Cole, during the session, “Putting One-to-One Personalization to Work” on Thursday, June 27th at 3:45pm.

This session will describe how Carhartt built a real time, right-now “omni-personal” system and supporting technology that delivered results — including a 23.5% campaign lift. Karl and Anna will address using data to create customer-specific, on-the-spot personalization, as well as using AI to keep optimizing.

While you’re there, schedule a strategy session to meet with the Evergage team. We’ll review your site in advance and deliver a free consultation with ideas to help you improve customer experience and engagement. Book your 15-minute session today by emailing [email protected].

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