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We're excited to sponsor the Retail Innovation Conference in NYC!

When it comes to online shopping experiences today, one size doesn’t fit all – and as Carhartt, Evergage client, has learned, a customer’s needs can change as fast as the weather. Join Aaron Tuesday, May 1st at 3:25pm during his session, "Omnichannel Commerce Session: Personalize, Optimize And Merchandise To Keep Up With Customer Expectations." Aaron will discuss how and why Carhartt employed real-time personalization to better serve customers and transform its digital customer experience, while staying true to its iconic, 128-year-old brand.

Attendees will hear about Carhartt’s personalization journey and will receive insights into:

  • The company’s significant organizational shift;
  • How Carhartt implemented targeted campaigns;
  • Lessons learned along the way;
  • Real-world results; and
  • Best practices every retailer can employ to achieve 1:1 and machine-learning-driven personalization.

Join the Evergage team to chat personalization! Booth details coming soon.

Interested in attending #RIC18? Learn more here.