Evergage and Adobe provide software that enables companies to deliver personalized experiences to website visitors, mobile app users and email recipients. Adobe has been considered an industry leader in terms of digital marketing and personalization, but most of their components have been pieced together through acquisitions. As such, there are inherent impediments and inefficiencies – particularly with regard to passing data between systems – that impact the ability to deliver true real-time, individualized experiences.

By comparison, Evergage’s real-time personalization and customer data platform was built from scratch to handle true 1:1 “in-the-moment” personalization. Architected for cross-channel personalization (web, web and mobile apps, email and search), Evergage is a more robust and efficient solution offering marketers a powerful set of integrated capabilities designed to support a company’s long-term personalization and product or content recommendation needs.



1 PLATFORM that offers behavioral tracking, segmentation, targeting, A/B & multivariate testing, attribution analysis, customer analytics, and 1:1 personalization, recommendations and offers.To achieve the same level of functionality that Evergage provides, companies need elements of ten (10) different Adobe products including Adobe Target and Adobe Target Premium, as well as Adobe Analytics (Premium: Customer360, Complete, Attribution, Predictive Intelligence; Mobile Apps, Data Warehouse) and Adobe Audience Manager. Deploying, integrating and operating all of these systems is complicated and requires ongoing technical support and coordination between many teams.
Multi-channel support: website, web application, mobile web, mobile app, email and search.Adobe supports most of these channels but does not offer open-time email personalization.
1 PROFILE for each visitor, customer, account, user.Customer data is disjointed and stored across many profiles (Target, Target Premium, Audience Manager, Adobe Analytics, DW) that cannot come together in time to support true real-time personalization.
Personalize based on intent towards brand, category, product, keyword, price, geo, article, etc.No understanding of context, affinities or intent.
Allows for true 1:1 experiences via predictive recommendations, promotions and fully personalized experiences.1:many personalization, not truly 1:1.
Out-of-the box integrations with CRM, email marketing/marketing automation, plus an extensive API library for connecting with other systems using Evergage Gears™.Only integrates with Adobe Campaign.
1 MOMENT to engage visitors. True real-time (20ms) response combines current session actions with full history over time.24-48 hour response time to target deep segments (“next time” personalization).
1 MISSION to achieve results. Evergage’s Center of Excellence empowers customers to quickly build and deploy personalization campaigns and provides strategic guidance, training and ongoing support at no additional cost.Lengthy integration timelines and high operational costs, including ongoing fees for strategy, assistance and campaign adjustment.

Like Adobe, other marketing suite providers including IBM, Oracle and Salesforce offer limited personalization capabilities that, while much less advanced than Adobe’s, are similarly complicated, cobbled together through acquisition, and inefficient for the marketer.

For additional insights on how Evergage compares with Adobe, review Sorry Adobe, Marketers Do Need to Pay Attention to What is Behind the Curtain. And check out this short video comparing Evergage with Adobe.

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