Evergage and Monetate provide software that enables companies to deliver personalized experiences to website visitors, mobile app users and email recipients. However, whereas Monetate began as a website A/B testing solution and evolved to become a first generation personalization solution , Evergage was built from scratch – using a modern, big-data architecture – to handle true 1:1 “in-the-moment” personalization.

Evergage is a real-time personalization and customer data platform specifically designed to enable cross-channel personalization (web, web and mobile apps, email and search, etc.). Evergage offers marketers a powerful set of integrated capabilities designed to support a company’s long-term customer engagement strategies.



1 PLATFORM that offers behavioral tracking, segmentation, targeting, A/B & multivariate testing, attribution analysis, customer analytics, and 1:1 personalization, recommendations and offers.Testing and shallow targeting is one solution. Basic recommendations are another solution (not well-integrated). Mobile app support comes from a third party. Limited analytics.
Multi-channel support: website, web application, mobile web, mobile app, email, and on-site search.Web, mobile app (via a 3rd party partnership), email and search. Email personalization has known performance issues and does not include recommendations.
1 PROFILE for each visitor, customer, account, user.No ability to personalize at the individual visitor level.
Personalize based on intent towards brand, category, product, keyword, price, geo, article, etc.Understands clicks but not affinities or intent (e.g., all products viewed on are considered of equal importance).
Allows for true 1:1 experiences via predictive recommendations, promotions and fully personalized experiences.1:many personalization, but not true 1:1.
Out-of-the box integrations with CRM, email marketing/marketing automation, plus an extensive API library for connecting with other systems using Evergage Gears™.Known to struggle with loading CRM data and does not synch/integrate with third-party email platforms.
1 MOMENT to engage visitors. True real-time (20ms) response combines current session actions with full history over time.Can take up to 4 hours to target based on latest behavioral data.
1 MISSION to achieve results. Evergage’s Center of Excellence empowers customers to quickly build and deploy personalization campaigns and provides strategic guidance, training and ongoing support at no additional cost.
Vendor assistance commonly required to create more sophisticated campaigns, including many rule-based configurations. Ongoing costs for strategic guidance and customer support.

Evergage compares in a similar fashion to Qubit which, like Monetate, focuses on the retail industry.

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