Evergage vs. Optimizely

Evergage provides software that enables companies to deliver personalized experiences to website visitors, mobile app users and email recipients. Optimizely is best known as a plug-n-play website A/B testing solution, which only recently expanded its solution capabilities in 2016 to include basic personalization for website visitors only.

Evergage’s real-time personalization platform was built from scratch to handle true 1:1 “in-the-moment” personalization. Architected for cross-channel personalization (web, web and mobile apps, email and search), Evergage is a robust solution offering marketers a powerful suite of integrated capabilities designed to support a company’s long-term experience personalization and product or content recommendation needs.



1 PLATFORM that offers behavioral tracking, segmentation, targeting, A/B & multivariate testing, attribution analysis, 1:1 personalization and recommendations.A/B testing centric solution with shallow segments/targeting, limited behavioral insight, basic recommendations, and no customer analytics.
Multi-channel support: website, web application, mobile web, mobile app, email and search.Offers web personalization, but no support for mobile app, email or search personalization.
1 PROFILE for each visitor, customer, account, user.Three basic, distributed profiles per visitor (one in cookie, one in browser, one on server).
Personalize based on intent towards brand, category, product, keyword, price, geo, article, etc.No understanding of context, affinities or intent.
Allows for true 1:1 experiences via predictive recommendations.1:many segments. People who "bought this, bought that" recommendations. Not 1:1.
Out-of-the-box integrations with CRM, email marketing/marketing automation, and other systems.Not supported.
1 MOMENT to engage visitors. True real-time (20ms) response combines current session actions with full history over time.Restricted to what fits in Optimizely’s JavaScript.
1 MISSION to achieve results. Evergage empowers customers to quickly build and deploy personalization campaigns. Our dedicated Customer Success team – along with extensive online resources – provide strategic guidance, training and ongoing support at no additional cost.Limited personalization experience and expertise. Vendor support required for setting up custom events, testing in single page apps, and more.

Evergage compares in a similar fashion to solutions like Maxymiser that began as a testing tool and later introduced personalization capabilities. For additional insights on how Evergage compares to Optimizely, review Sorry Optimizely, You Can’t Strap Wings onto Your Car and Expect Marketers to Fly It.

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