Built for the modern marketer, Evergage’s award-winning features enable real-time personalization and individualized recommendations across channels.


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Evergage Decisions

Present offers with high engagement probability and business value

Evergage Recommend 2@2x

Evergage Recommend

Provide individualized experiences driven by machine learning

Evergage For Email@2x

Evergage for Email

Deliver relevant and personalized emails at precisely the right time

Evergage For Mobile Apps@2x

Evergage for Mobile Apps

Capture mobile behavioral data and personalize in-app and across channels

Evergage SmartSurveys

Collect explicit data and improve visitor experiences in real time.

Evergage Data Hub@2x

Evergage Integrations

Analyze the rich data collected and maintained in a workbench environment.


Data Warehouse

Access all the rich data in Evergage to create custom reports and visualizations

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Data Science Workbench

Analyze the data collected by Evergage in a dedicated environment.

Evergage On The Go 2@2x

Evergage on the Go

Manage personalization campaigns from an iOS device


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Unified Customer Profile

Access unprecedented insights on every visitor, customer and account

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Evergage B2B Detect

Personalize using company name, industry and firmographic data


Evergage Guardian

Automatically uncover opportunities and potential issues from analytics data

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Open-Time Email

Deliver personalized content & recommendations in emails at open time

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Triggered Email

Create & deploy one-off email messages triggered by a visitor's actions

Evergage SmartBatch

Send mass-personalized emails to specific audience segments


Evergage SmartSearch

Customize search results based on each visitor’s affinities

SmartHistory V3@2x

Evergage SmartHistory

Provide quick access to previously viewed products and content

SmartNav Revision@2x

Evergage SmartNav

Adjust site navigation according to each visitor’s preferences

SmartBundle 2@2x

Evergage SmartBundle

Recommend related items from select categories


Evergage SmartTrends

Highlight the most popular products and content on your site