Supercharge Your Account-Based Marketing Initiatives

Trigger Personalized Experiences to High-Value Visitors Based on Company Name, Industry and Rich Firmographic Data

Evergage B2B Detect™ empowers marketers to improve their account-based marketing (ABM) initiatives by automatically determining key company attributes, based on the visitor’s IP address, and use that data to deliver relevant experiences the moment someone lands on your website. With B2B Detect, marketers can immediately engage high-value prospects with the right combination of content, messaging, images and calls-to-action.

If you’re investing in ABM, the last thing you want to do is treat visitors from your target accounts like everyone else when they finally arrive on your site. Make Evergage B2B Detect a secret weapon in your ABM arsenal.

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Industry-Specific Experiences
Present the most relevant content and messaging the moment a visitor from one of your target industries hits your site. For example, a company selling to IT professionals in the healthcare, retail and financial industries can use B2B Detect to determine which homepage experience to present to visitors from these specific industries.

Account Profile
With B2B Detect, Evergage’s unified customer profile (UCP), which provides marketers and sales professionals with a holistic view of each visitor and their company, includes the company’s logo, description, revenue, number of employees, contact information, social media links and more. This helps you better understand, analyze and follow up with your business prospects.

Cover Your Bases
In situations when a visitor’s company cannot be identified, B2B Detect can be used in conjunction with other Evergage ABM-driven personalization tactics – including campaign source identification and behavioral pattern recognition – to tailor a visitor’s experience in real time.

Rich Firmographic Data
Trigger personalized experiences based on an instant recognition of each visitor’s organization and firmographic data including company name, industry, location, employee count, revenue, technologies in use and more. This data enables you to more effectively target and convert specific accounts or sets of accounts.

Seamlessly Integrated
B2B Detect is part of the Evergage platform, so the data it provides is immediately available to enhance the core segmentation, targeting, reporting and analytics capabilities. The data can also be passed to other systems including CRM or marketing automation via the Evergage Data Hub to ensure continuity of account intelligence.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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