Elevate Your Email Marketing Initiatives

Capitalize on in-depth behavioral data to deliver contextually relevant, personalized emails at precisely the right time.

With Evergage for Email™, you can dramatically improve your email marketing efforts – without changing your existing email marketing solution. Whether inserting dynamic content into outgoing emails campaigns, sending monthly promotional blasts to your best customers or triggering one-off messages based on an individual’s actions, Evergage’s powerful solutions help companies more effectively engage with customers and prospects via email.

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Trigger messages based on visitor actions and external factors. Deliver 1:1 personalized content into email campaigns.

The Best Possible Data
The deep behavioral tracking capabilities of the Evergage platform provide companies with a true understanding of each visitor’s and customer’s interests, affinities and intent based on the products and content they interact with and the related metadata (e.g., tags, brands, categories, price points, etc.). This rich information, stored in a unified customer profile for every person and account, is the foundation from which marketers draw to drive cross-channel personalization campaigns with Evergage.

Triggered Email Campaigns
Certain communications are maximally effective based on when they are sent. The triggered email capability of Evergage for Email enables you to automatically send individualized emails – in the moment – based on any number of factors. You can build, schedule and deploy triggered email campaigns to prospects, customers and internal staff (e.g., sales or support). Triggered emails can be based on simple or complex visitor actions, cumulative behavior, external factors, and more. B2C and B2B marketers can even insert dynamic variables into subject lines and test variations to ensure their messages have the highest possible open and engagement rates. Read more about Evergage’s Triggered Email feature.

Open-Time Email Personalization
Tapping into the in-depth understanding of each visitor and customer and Evergage’s real-time decisioning capabilities, marketers can use Evergage for Email to deliver – within email messages – personalized content that is updated at open time. Such content can include product or content recommendations as well as promotional messages, images and banners. Because the information is determined and rendered the moment an email is opened (versus when it is sent), Evergage is able to take into consideration a visitor’s most up-to-date activity across channels to ensure maximum relevance. Read more about Evergage’s Open-time Email Personalization feature.

Personalized Batch Campaigns
Rather than bombard recipients with ill-timed and irrelevant emails, businesses can be more strategic in their email communication efforts by using Evergage SmartBatch. Emails can be sent to a list of people on a one-time or recurring basis and can include content that is personalized at send time or open time. Evergage natively determines the best time to send an email to improve open rates and, if a recipient has been unresponsive for a period of time or has recently received a higher-priority triggered email, future batch emails can be suppressed for a period of time. Read more about the Evergage SmartBatch feature.

A Complete Platform
Evergage provides a single platform for monitoring, understanding and personalizing user interactions across digital channels including websites, mobile apps, mobile web, web applications, onsite search, and email. As a full customer data platform, Evergage not only captures and interprets deep behavioral data, it can also be infused with 1st and 3rd party customer data supplied by other systems – thereby providing a 360-degree view of every visitor and customer. All of this data helps ensure the personalized experiences you deliver, including your email communications, are maximally relevant.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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