Connect the Dots for True Multichannel Personalization

Capture Extensive Mobile App Behavioral Data and Deliver Consistent, Personalized Experiences Across Channels in Real Time.

Evergage for Mobile Apps™ tracks the behaviors and actions of iOS and Android mobile app users and enables marketers to use those insights to deliver personalized experiences – inside the app, on a website or in an email campaign – in real time. With Evergage, all mobile app usage data resides in a common data store along with data collected by Evergage on other channels (e.g., web, mobile web or web application) or fed from other systems into Evergage’s Customer Data Platform. This enables marketers to deliver seamless personalized experiences across any channel – all powered by a single platform.

Available to companies that utilize web and mobile app channels to interact with their customers, Evergage for Mobile Apps is easy to deploy – requiring the insertion of just a few lines of code within the mobile app.

Real-Time Behavioral Tracking
Log mobile app user sessions, screen views, time spent per screen, product purchases, products added to carts and product reviews posted, to support effective personalization.

Unified Customer Profiles
Leverage insights gathered on mobile app users and apply the information to personalize a user’s experience on another channel, such as web, and vice versa.

Push Notifications
Trigger notifications to specific mobile app users based on their activity, survey responses, purchases, product inventory and more. Notifications can even include dynamic 1:1 recommendations.

In-App Messages
Create and deploy in-app messages that allow you to communicate with individual users – or segments of users – without having to work through product development and app release processes.

Centralized Data & Campaign Management
Build segments, deploy product and content recommendations, test and manage personalization campaigns, and access detailed reports – regardless of the device used by customers.

Same Application, Same Provider
Unlike competing solutions, all data is available in real time from an actionable data store that can be accessed from a single logged in environment, the Evergage platform.

Complete Feature Set
Utilize all of Evergage’s personalization features – including behavioral tracking, real-time segmentation and targeting, A/B testing, individualized product and content recommendations, statistical analysis, and attribution reporting – for web and mobile app users.

Evergage for Mobile Apps is compatible with iOS and Android apps.


Evergage for Mobile Apps enables you to track the behaviors of your mobile app users and apply the insights gathered to personalize each user’s experience in the app or on the web – all in real time.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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