Advanced Machine Learning for Marketers

Harness the power of machine-learning analytics to automatically uncover opportunities and potential issues.

Evergage Guardian™ is a groundbreaking solution that provides marketers with an entirely new way to access up-to-the-minute data, visualize site and campaign performance and automatically receive proactive suggestions for improving digital engagement across websites, web applications, email and mobile apps. Utilizing advanced machine learning technology and artificial intelligence, Evergage Guardian reviews thousands of metrics to uncover insights and surface optimization opportunities as well as potential issues, ensuring marketers maximize the benefits of their digital marketing campaigns. The analysis and benefits pertain not only to personalization but also email, advertising and social media campaigns. Best of all, there’s nothing to set up or configure! As a part of the platform, Evergage Guardian starts working immediately and is smart enough to recognize what’s relevant to your business.

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The most significant opportunities and problems (aka “signals”) impacting your business are automatically prioritized by Evergage Guardian.

Business Activity & Goal Monitoring
Using “pattern” detection to identify the unique pulse of each business’s digital properties, Evergage Guardian continuously monitors and recognizes variations between normal and abnormal traffic, campaigns and site performance.

Opportunity Recognition
Continuous monitoring of key data and events, combined with advanced predictive data science, enables Evergage Guardian to help marketers optimize current and future performance. This includes not only personalization opportunities – such as which segments should be targeted or which recommendation strategy should be tuned – but also other opportunities such as email or PPC campaign optimization.

Problem Identification
Evergage Guardian reduces the time required to identify performance issues from days to minutes. If something impacts conversion rates, for instance, the capability will immediately spot the problem and surface the root cause so marketers can proactively address the issue before it escalates in significance.  

Prioritization by Business Impact & Role
Both opportunities and issues uncovered by Evergage Guardian are weighed against the magnitude of their impact on the unique metrics for each business as well as each marketer’s role. This helps marketers know what to prioritize to best support key business goals.

Track Many Different Signals
The types of opportunities and issues identified – presented as easy-to-interpret  “signals” for the marketer – vary depending on a business’s industry, goals and campaigns. Typically, Evergage Guardian identifies variations in the performance of email, social, ad and personalization campaigns; traffic from web, mobile app, referring sources and browser types; key goals like conversion rate, AOV, revenue, time-on-page; page load performance times; and even industry-specific concerns like out-of-stock items.

Team Collaboration
While Evergage Guardian significantly improves efficiencies around identifying variations in analytics data, responding to signals can require a team effort. Guardian includes collaboration features – commenting, annotating and emailing – that enable marketers to engage with team members regarding specific signals.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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