Make the Most of Your Customer Data

Gather rich customer insights and integrate with external systems to maximize the value of the Evergage platform.

Collecting data about your customers and prospects is only valuable if you can actually put it to use. With Evergage’s flexible integration options, companies can efficiently exchange information between Evergage’s Customer Data Platform and other complementary systems. Whether syncing unique segments, specific fields or entire datasets, the information passed to Evergage can be used to deliver personalized experiences across channels. Additionally, marketers can send in-depth behavioral data captured by Evergage out to other solutions, or they can pass segments to other systems of action such as AdTech platforms.


JavaScript/SDK Integrations

Native integrations for in-depth understanding and activation.

CMSs & Websites
Add Evergage’s JavaScript beacon to any website or content management system (CMS) and automatically capture deep behavioral data on each visitor and account. The data, in turn, can be used to deliver personalized experiences.

Content Catalogs
Use Evergage’s JavaScript to automatically gather metadata on, blog articles, data sheets, ebooks, videos and more – and their associated categories and attribute data – without having to build and manage a separate feed.

E-commerce Platforms
Collect product details including attribute data (category, brand, author, color, price, etc.) right from a product detail page. Evergage automatically checks for updates every time a shopper views a specific product page.

Mobile Apps
Monitor iOS and Android mobile app activity and deliver personalized experiences via Evergage’s SDK. Insights are maintained in the same centralized data store where they are immediately available for cross-channel campaigns.

SaaS & Web Applications
Track rich engagement data and deploy personalized experiences within SaaS applications and logged-in environments. Evergage works seamlessly on single-page JavaScript (React, Angular, etc.) apps too.

Connector Gears

Connectors designed for exchanging data between systems via APIs.

Create broad or narrow segments within Evergage and then pass the audience data to Facebook, Google, DSPs, etc. for more effective ad targeting.

Analytics Tools
Send Evergage-captured data – such as segments and campaign engagement details – to preferred analytics providers (Google, Adobe, etc.).

Call Center Systems
Pass customer data maintained in Evergage to call center solutions so agents can have relevant insights at their fingertips or present relevant offers and promotions to specific callers.

Chat Tools
Leverage Evergage insights within live chat tools. Evergage can tailor the chat experience based on the visitor (such as a VIP account) or recommended products and promotions, etc. for individual customers.

Customer Data ETL
Map, normalize and upload large sets of customer data into Evergage including profiles, attributes, and other pertinent customer information.

CRM Applications
Connect Evergage with your CRM solution to pull in relevant information, deliver more personalized experiences, and provide noteworthy insights to sales or support teams.

Data Management Platforms
Call out to a data management platform (DMP) and then use the data about anonymous visitors to deliver a more relevant website experience in real time.

Direct Mail Systems
Identify key segments in Evergage and pass the information to direct mail vendors, or trigger events to such solutions based on specific actions tracked by Evergage.

Email Marketing Systems
Exchange field and segment data between Evergage and marketing automation platforms (MAPs) or email service providers (ESPs).

Point-of-Sale Systems
Unify digital experiences with in-branch or in-store experiences by using Evergage to share known customer preferences or relevant offers to a POS system.

Product Catalog ETL
Map, normalize and upload product catalog data into Evergage including metadata that may or may not be available via JavaScript-based integration or requires special handling.