Make the Most of Your Customer Data

Gather rich customer insights and integrate with external systems to maximize the value of the Evergage platform.

Collecting data about your customers and prospects is only valuable if you can actually put it to use. With Evergage’s flexible integration options, companies can efficiently exchange information between Evergage’s Customer Data Platform and other complementary systems. Whether syncing unique segments, specific fields or entire datasets, the information passed to Evergage can be used to deliver personalized experiences across channels – in real time. Additionally, marketers can send in-depth behavioral data captured by Evergage to other solutions to improve their value and benefits. Evergage can even trigger actions, in the moment, by sending updates to other systems via webhooks.

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Evergage can connect with other systems via Javascript or APIs

Content Management Systems
Evergage can integrate with any content management system (CMS). All that’s required is for the Evergage JavaScript tag to be placed in the header of your site. Once there, Evergage automatically captures deep behavioral data on each visitor which can be used to deliver rule-based or machine learning-driven experiences.

Mobile Apps
With Evergage for Mobile Apps, an SDK available for iOS and Android operating systems, product managers and marketers can capture individual behavior and personalize experiences on their mobile applications. And because Evergage keeps analytics information in the same data store, a user’s interests, intent and actions taken on his or her mobile device can immediately impact his or her web experiences – or vice versa.

Web Applications
For B2B and B2C companies with SaaS applications or logged in environments, Evergage can be used to monitor customer and prospect activities and deliver personalized experiences. This can occur at the individual and/or account level. To begin, companies just need to add the Evergage JavaScript tag to their web application. Evergage also works seamlessly across single-page applications running the latest JavaScript libraries.

E-commerce Platforms
Although Evergage can support integrating with a product catalog feed, it is not required. Instead, Evergage is designed to automatically capture product and content details – including meta data like category, brand, author, color, price, etc. – right from the page. These details are updated (or checked for updates) every time someone visits a specific product page.

Email Marketing Systems
Marketers can configure Evergage, right out of the box, to pass field and segment data back and forth between Evergage and select marketing automation platforms and email service providers. For instance, you can send email campaigns to audiences who meet certain behavioral patterns – as captured by Evergage – or deliver personalized website experiences using segment data provided by an email marketing tool.

CRM Applications
Evergage provides out-of-the-box integrations with, SugarCRM and Netsuite to leverage data stored in your customer relationship management (CRM) solution to deliver personalized web or email experiences. You can also send valuable profile information – as collected by Evergage – to your CRM where it can be used to support sales and customer success initiatives.

Analytics Providers
If you and your team rely on an existing analytics solution (Google, IBM Coremetrics, Adobe) to track digital insights, you can pass Evergage captured data – such as segment and engagement details – to your preferred provider. There it can be reviewed in a familiar format for consistent reporting across your organization.

Data Management Platforms
At its core, Evergage is a Customer Data Platform, but one that collects deep first-party data that can be used to deliver personalized experiences across channels. Evergage does not follow visitors beyond your digital properties. However, if you use a data management platform (DMP) to collect third-party visitor data, it can be easily brought into Evergage. And that data can be used to personalize the website, mobile app or email experiences for your visitors.

Additional Integration Options
In addition to many out-of-the-box integrations, Evergage provides powerful and flexible APIs to enable clients to pass or pull information to/from virtually any data source. For example, with Evergage, companies can import in-store transactional data to provide a more complete picture of each consumer’s full purchase history when delivering personalized recommendations. The solution can also send in-depth behavioral data collected by Evergage to external business intelligence tools, customer support systems, and more to enhance their value and accuracy.

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