Individualized Experiences Driven by Machine Learning

One-to-One Customer Experiences & Recommendations Configured and Managed by Marketers.

Forget what you thought you knew about recommendation engines – Evergage has rewritten the rules. Combining breakthrough innovations with advanced machine learning, Evergage has created the industry’s most effective solution for delivering true 1:1 customer experiences and highly relevant recommendations across digital channels.

Marketers in industries like retail, travel, publishing, technology and financial services can use Evergage not only to deploy product and content recommendations but also to deliver holistic experiences that are unique for each and every person.

“White Box” Solution
Unlike the “black box” approach of traditional solutions, with Evergage Recommend, marketers can see and understand how their recommendation strategies actually work. They can create and customize “recipes,” A/B test them against each another and refine them as needed. They can also preview what specific visitors would see before deploying.

Understand True Intent
Clicks lie! If a visitor quickly clicks on an item but then immediately clicks away, that shows disinterest, not interest. While other solutions rely only on clickstream data, Evergage tracks active time spent and engagement levels for each individual, providing a more accurate understanding of true interest and intent. These insights are then fed into Evergage's machine-learning algorithms.

Unprecedented Relevancy
Deeper data and algorithms that accommodate marketer-defined boosters and filters enable Evergage-powered recommendations to consider individual affinities, preferences and intent – along with information from other customer data sources – resulting in greater relevancy and effectiveness.

No Catalog Feed Required
Evergage does not require companies to integrate with product or content catalogs via APIs. Instead, catalog data is collected in real time as visitors browse the site so everything is current and accurate. You don’t have to wait for newly added products to be promoted or worry about recommending out-of-stock items.

Products, Content & More
Recommendations aren’t just limited to products and content. Recognizing that people do not always begin their journeys looking for a specific product or content item, Evergage empowers marketers to improve discovery by promoting the categories, classes, brands or authors most relevant to each visitor.

Full Experiences
Using recommendations solely to slot product or article suggestions into a web page is so 5 years ago. With Evergage, marketers can algorithmically generate 1:1 experiences by changing the navigation (SmartNav), recommending related items across categories (SmartBundle), personalizing onsite search (SmartSearch), highlighting popular viewing patterns (SmartTrends), providing an automated shopping companion (SmartHistory), delivering dynamic content to mobile apps, or even presenting recommendations and promotions inside email campaigns at open time. The possibilities are limitless!

The Future of Product Recommendations

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