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Build, schedule and deploy 1:1 personalized batch emails to select audience segments or your entire list.

In gathering the deepest possible understanding of an individual’s digital engagement across channels, Evergage offers businesses an unprecedented foundation for improving the relevance and performance of their batch email campaigns. With Evergage for Email’s SmartBatch feature, retailers, technology providers, financial services firms and companies from any other industry can be much more strategic in their email communication efforts. Rather than bombard recipients with ill-timed and irrelevant messages, SmartBatch helps businesses build and maintain lasting relationships with hard-won customers and prospects by delivering emails to large audiences that are personalized and uniquely relevant to each and every individual.

Send emails to large audiences with content that is uniquely relevant to each and every recipient.

Batch Campaigns
Evergage’s triggered email capabilities are used to send one-off messages, while SmartBatch enables business users to send emails to groups of people – whether a specific segment or a company’s entire database – and only include individuals for whom the content is relevant.

Easy Scheduling
With SmartBatch, email marketers can schedule a campaign to be sent on a one-time or recurring basis. You can easily configure an email to be sent to a particular audience right away, at a future time, or on a recurring basis such as weekly or monthly.

Personalized Content
Each email sent can be configured to include 1:1 personalized content. This not only includes banners, promotions and text customized at send time but also product and content recommendations that are personalized at open time based on a person’s up-to-date preferences and most recent website activity.

Dynamic Subject Lines
When it comes to open rates, an email’s subject line is the most important factor. With Evergage, marketers can insert dynamic variables into the subject line to ensure relevance for each recipient. And they can A/B test subject line variations to ensure they’re using the best candidate to optimize open rates.

Preview Campaigns
Similar to the capabilities that have existed as part of Evergage Recommend, business users can preview their email campaigns in Evergage before they are sent. This enables marketers to conduct quality control to ensure the content rendered is truly personalized for each recipient and consistent with the intended strategy.

Campaign Prioritization
Logic developed by Evergage ensures that SmartBatch and triggered emails don’t clog up a recipient’s inbox. Users can prioritize communications and limit frequency so recipients don’t receive more than one email – from their company – within a defined timeframe.

Cross-Industry Applications
Whether you’re a B2C retailer sending a weekly email promoting the most relevant products, brands or categories to each shopper or a B2B technology company sending a monthly newsletter with the most relevant blog articles for each recipient, SmartBatch can be configured to serve many different use cases.

Send-Time Optimization
SmartBatch natively provides intelligent, personalized sending options. The exact send time within a batch window can vary by person based on her propensity to open emails. Also, if a recipient has been unresponsive for a period of time or has recently received a higher-priority triggered email, the batch email she’s scheduled to receive can be suppressed.

Deliverability & Reporting
Evergage SmartBatch emails are optimized for deliverability to ensure messages make it to each intended recipient’s inbox. And with the extensive real-time reporting and attribution capabilities of the Evergage platform, you can carefully monitor the performance of your email campaigns (e.g. bounce, open, clickthrough rates, etc.) and their quantitative impact on key business objectives.

ESP & MAP Coordination
Evergage works seamlessly with your company’s existing email service provider (ESP) or a marketing automation platform (MAP). This includes passing segment and field data back and forth between systems; managing opt-in, unsubscribe and suppression lists; and ensuring frequency capping – so as not to overwhelm your email recipients.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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