Recommend Related Items Across Categories

Instruct machine learning-driven algorithms to specifically promote items from multiple, select categories.

Evergage SmartBundle™ is a powerful extension of Evergage Recommend whereby marketers can configure recommendation "recipes" so that a "bundle" of relevant items are suggested from across multiple, pre-determined product or content categories. The feature offers both marketers and retail merchandisers the ability to govern what’s presented to visitors while they are engaged with particular products and content items.

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You can select the specific categories (e.g., ink cartridges, cleaning supplies, printer paper) of the items that are recommended with the product being viewed.

You’re in Control
From an easy-to-use interface, marketers can “bundle” related products (or content) together – from across different categories – providing specific instructions for Evergage’s machine-learning algorithms to follow. These relationships can also be established at the tag level (e.g., fitness gear, transportation industry, CFO persona, etc.).

“Complete the Look”
SmartBundle gives merchandising teams the flexibility to control the relationship between a product being viewed and those being recommended. For instance, when a shopper looks at a cocktail dress, you can specifically recommend a complementary pair of shoes, a necklace and a handbag.

Drive Content Downloads
B2B marketers and content publishers can build recommendation recipes to showcase different types of content assets related to a person’s preferences, affinities and intent. If a visitor has clearly expressed interest in your health care services, for example you can recommend an industry-specific video, eBook and case study.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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