An Automated Browsing Companion

Provide website visitors with an easy way to access previously viewed products and content – prioritized by interest level.

Evergage SmartHistory™ is an automated browsing companion enabling visitors to conveniently access previously viewed products or content assets – prioritized by engagement and interest level. While adding value for time-constrained shoppers and browsers, this capability enables marketers to enhance online experiences, improve product and content discovery, and gain valuable insights into consumer behavior.

Clicking the tab reveals a window with previously viewed products, sorted by interest level. Product history details can also be viewed chronologically.

Automated Browsing Companion
As visitors explore your website, the products and content assets they view and interact with are automatically added to a “smart bar” dashboard that’s easily accessed during that session or in a future visit. No action is required by visitors – such as selecting a favorite or adding products to a shopping cart – to build their SmartHistory.

Prioritized by Engagement
When visitors access their SmartHistory dashboard, items are sorted by engagement level. This “smart sort” capability considers the active time spent reviewing the item (image views, scrolling, etc.) to determine a visitor’s true interest. Users also have the option to turn “smart sort” off to view their browsing history chronologically.

Purchases & Recommendations
Provide visitors with a list of their previously purchased products or downloaded items, either for general reference or – when applicable – for quick reordering. Marketers can even use SmartHistory to suggest relevant products or content based on inferred preferences, current session activity and/or past history.

Fully Customizable
SmartHistory is easy to implement and completely customizable in terms of branding, formatting and on-page location in order to meet your company’s creative specifications and brand guidelines. Companies can even use SmartHistory on a separate page if desired.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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