Personalized Navigation for Every Visitor

Customize site navigation for each person based on their unique interests and preferences.

Evergage SmartNav™ allows marketers to change the way visitors navigate your website. Leveraging each person’s current and past session behavior, interests and intent, purchase history, content consumption and more, the solution uses machine learning algorithms to present individually relevant navigation options. Powerful and practical, SmartNav represents an effective way to build loyalty and improve engagement by driving visitors to the most relevant areas of your site.

Engage at the Right Level
When your visitors land on a website, do they typically begin by clicking on a specific product or piece of content? Usually not. Most visitors engage with a site at a broader level – like a category. With this in mind, Evergage SmartNav empowers marketers to algorithmically promote categories, brands, authors and other organizational constructs – not just individual products and content.

Think Beyond the Menu Bar
While personalizing a site’s main navigation is a primary use case for SmartNav, the solution can also be used to change other types of navigation. For example, marketers can promote a visitor’s preferred brands and categories within the main content area of any page on the site.

Individualized for Everyone
Ideally suited for marketers in retail, financial services, travel, media and entertainment industries, SmartNav can completely transform the way someone interacts with your digital properties. Marketers can offer tailored navigation options that are truly unique to each and every shopper or visitor based on their individual affinities.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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