Smarter Surveys Put to Better Use

Present surveys to collect explicit data from prospects and customers and then utilize responses to improve their experiences – all in real time.

Evergage SmartSurveys™ represents a paradigm shift. Whereas traditional online surveys tend to be annoying and intrusive – often appearing when you first land on a site or open an app – and irrelevant to the person taking the survey, SmartSurveys is a “voice of the customer” tool specifically designed to better engage customers – in context and at the right time – to improve relationships. Within Evergage, product managers, marketers and customer success professionals can design simple or advanced surveys, granularly target them to specific audience segments or individuals, deploy them across different digital touchpoints, and – most significantly – take action by immediately delivering a more relevant experience based on the responses collected from each individual.

Target surveys to specific audiences and then use the response data to improve each visitor's experience in real time.

Voice of the Customer
Evergage provides advanced, in-depth behavioral tracking to uncover interests and intent, but when it comes to understanding the voice of the customer, sometimes it makes sense just to ask. SmartSurveys allows businesses to ask timely and contextually relevant questions that help strengthen long-term customer relationships.

Targeted Surveys
Unlike generic survey tools, where the same survey is shown to every visitor – often at the most inopportune times – SmartSurveys enables businesses to strategically target relevant questions to specific audience segments (or specific individuals) based on their actions, behaviors, company, firmographic details, geography or data passed from another system.

Different Question Types
From within the Evergage platform, you can design simple one-question surveys or more advanced surveys that use multiple questions, different question types and branching logic. Question types supported included radio buttons, checkbox, boolean, dropdown lists, text fields, ratings and more.

Respond Immediately
When someone responds to a SmartSurveys question, their answers are stored in the respondent’s profile within the Evergage platform. That data can then be used to serve rule-based or algorithmic experiences, to trigger a follow-up survey or messages on a website, mobile app or via email, or to even send data to another system using APIs or webhooks.

Deliver Across Channels
SmartSurveys can be deployed on any web page, web application or mobile web experience. Single question surveys such as an NPS-like rating can also be deployed on an iOS or Android mobile app or an email campaign.

Strengthen Your Customer Data Platform
Evergage SmartSurveys can be used to round out valuable customer profile data that’s not easy to collect. This information is stored in Evergage’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) where it can be leveraged to deliver experiences that help maintain long-term relationships.

Cross-Industry Applications
From a retailer wanting to know a shopper’s specific preference(s) to a technology company wanting to ask a prospect about their infrastructure requirements, SmartSurveys is universally applicable to companies across industries.

Progressive Profiling
Ask a series of timely questions over the course of several interactions. Companies focused on demand generation, for instance, can use progressive profiling to ask for incremental profile data with each successive download of gated content assets.  

Easy to Use & Deploy
Business users can quickly create surveys using the user-friendly interface within the Evergage platform. Surveys can be customized to match a company’s design and branding guidelines. When ready, they can be added to a campaign and targeted to a specific audience segment.

Real-Time Reporting
Access up-to-the-minute results for all of your active surveys. For every survey deployed, you’ll see the list of questions that were asked, the number of respondents per question and the specific tallies for each question asked.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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