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Create and deploy highly effective, one-off email messages triggered by the recipient’s actions or external factors.

A natural extension of the industry’s premier real-time personalization platform, Evergage for Email’s triggered email capability offers a powerful solution with unlimited possibilities and benefits. The classic use case of an email triggered by a visitor’s cart abandonment is just the tip of iceberg. Using the deep behavioral tracking capabilities native to the Evergage platform, why not trigger an email when a shopper has engaged extensively with a particular product but hasn’t completed a purchase? Or when a visitor has demonstrated significant interest in an offer (content asset, promotion, bundle, etc.) but doesn’t convert?

Want more examples? Let’s say someone has spent more than five minutes reading about kitchen remodeling, how about triggering an email with unread articles on the same topic? You could include a few product recommendations dynamically inserted into the email too. If you work for an insurance company, you could send a personalized email offering an online chat with a representative – about a specific policy – to a prospect who spent at least two minutes evaluating that policy but left the site without completing an application.

B2B companies can use triggered messages to alert sales reps when target prospects spend a certain amount of time on your site, demonstrating their interest. SaaS companies could trigger reminder messages to new users to complete onboarding steps. They could also trigger internal messages to customer success team members when an existing client shows signs of churn. When it comes to the benefits of triggered email using Evergage, the only limitation is your imagination.

financial services email 20170926

With Evergage's triggered email capabilities, a financial services firm could send a message to an individual who recently spent at least three minutes researching IRAs but who has not opened an account.

Design & Build Campaigns
With Evergage, business professionals can design and build triggered email campaigns similar to the way website and app personalization campaigns are built. Using an intuitive visual editor, simply create a new email campaign, add text and/or dynamic content, adjust the look and feel, configure the event trigger, test the email, and then launch the campaign.

Precision Timing
Rather than emailing everyone in your customer or prospect database – or a specific segment – every day, week or month, Evergage for Email liberates marketers to be much more strategic about their outreach. With triggered emails, you can closely monitor each person’s behavior and send relevant, individualized emails when the person would be most receptive to the message.

Trigger Events
When building a triggered email campaign, choose from a list of pre-built events like cart abandonment or joining a segment, or define your own criteria using any number of rules or parameters. Customers can even trigger messages based on external factors like the weather. And for emails that are not sent instantly, you define the days of the week – and hours of the day – to send the messages.

Dynamic Subject Lines
When it comes to open rates, an email’s subject line is the most important factor. With Evergage, marketers can insert dynamic variables into the subject line to ensure relevance for each recipient. And they can A/B test subject line variations to ensure they’re using the best candidate to optimize open rates.

ESP & MAP Coordination
Evergage is not an email service provider (ESP) or a marketing automation platform (MAP); rather, the solution works seamlessly with your company’s existing solution(s). This includes passing segment and field data back and forth between systems; managing opt-in, unsubscribe and suppression lists; and ensuring frequency capping – so as not to overwhelm your email recipients.

Deliverability & Reporting
Evergage triggered emails are optimized for deliverability to ensure messages make it to each intended recipient’s inbox. And with the extensive real-time reporting and attribution capabilities of the Evergage platform, you can monitor the performance of your email campaigns and their impact on identified business objectives.

B2C & B2B Use Cases
Evergage for Email is industry- and business model-agnostic. Whether you market to consumers, businesses or both, are a retailer, financial services firm, technology provider or media company, you can utilize Evergage’s triggered email capabilities to drive re-engagement. Whether it’s cart abandonment messages, back-in-stock notifications, offer reminders, content suggestions, or internal alerts – just to name a few examples – the scope of how triggered messages can be utilized is limitless.

Combine with Open-Time Personalization
Triggered emails can be combined with Evergage for Email’s open-time personalization capabilities to enable marketers to deliver the most up-to-date content – based on a visitor’s most recent activity. Content personalized at open time can include promotional banners, header images, individualized product and content recommendations and more.

Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!

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