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Must-Have Technology

True real-time 1:1 personalization has long been considered the holy grail for marketers. Now finally attainable with a modern-day platform, individualized customer experiences and engagement have become critical for companies – across industries – in today’s competitive marketplace.

Category Leadership

Evergage has emerged as the category leader for real-time personalization. Our product depth and thought leadership have been widely recognized by top industry analysts, press and award programs; imitated by our competitors; and, most importantly, adopted by our many clients.

Powerful Platform

Powered by machine learning, Evergage is purpose-built from the ground up to provide everything a company needs to deliver cross-channel 1:1 personalization at scale. It includes deep behavioral tracking, data integration, segmentation, targeting, recommendations, testing and attribution reporting.


Evergage’s services partners – including leading agencies and system integrators (SIs) – provide the ideation, creative design, campaign development and iteration, data integration, and ongoing management expertise that our joint clients need to run an effective real-time 1:1 personalization program across channels.

  • Client Success. Help clients achieve their business goals (e.g., conversions, revenue growth, customer loyalty, etc.) through relevance, personalization and analytics.
  • Strategic Positioning. Enabling your clients to deliver highly relevant, individualized customer experiences puts you in a strategically essential position with them.
  • Ongoing Services. Move from project-based relationships to an ongoing retainer relationships, since personalization is a continual, iterative effort.
  • Best-in-Class Technology. Leverage the only true real-time platform for 1:1 personalization (rather than be yet another company pitching Adobe and falling short of client expectations).
  • Strategy & Design. Help clients decide what personalization campaigns to run, and craft the experiences to be delivered.
  • Execution. Run the personalization and customer engagement program for clients on an ongoing basis, including A/B testing and continuous iteration.
  • Analytics. Understand and act on the rich customer insights Evergage provides, and analyze campaign results to drive strategy, execution and iteration.
  • Integration. Integrate Evergage into the client’s technology environment, connecting CRM, ESP/MAP and DMP data, data warehouses and data lakes.  
  • Training. Evergage provides live training for partners, supplemented by online documentation, training and certification.
  • Co-Marketing. Evergage invests in co-marketing programs to help drive awareness for the partnership and leads to pursue.
  • Co-Selling. A dedicated Evergage partner manager and sales executive work collaboratively with you throughout the sales process.
  • Referral Fees. Evergage offers referral fees for partner-sourced opportunities, (which may be extended to clients as a discount).
  • Post-Sales. A dedicated partner manager and client success manager support you as you support each client.


Evergage’s technology partners provide complementary solutions that integrate with and extend the value of the Evergage platform. These include CRM solutions, email and marketing automation solutions, CMS and e-commerce platforms, analytics tools and more that connect with Evergage out of the box, via APIs or via JavaScript.

  • Certified Integrations. Evergage works with complementary technology providers to build out-of-the-box and custom integrations, certified to ensure the products works seamlessly for joint clients.
  • Added Value. Connecting Evergage with other technology products enhances the value of our respective solutions for each joint client.
  • Data-Driven Customer Experiences. Incorporating data from other systems enriches the Unified Customer Profile (UCP) for every visitor and customer, ensuring maximally relevant experiences.
  • Client Success. Help clients achieve their business goals (e.g. conversions, revenue growth, customer loyalty, etc.) through shared customer data and analytics.
  • Integration-Only Partnership. Evergage and the technology partner collaborate on integrating the products but have not arrangement with regard to sales and marketing activities.
  • Business Referral Partnership. The technology partner can earn referral fees for sourcing opportunities that result in closed/won new business for Evergage Evergage typically co-markets and co-sells with referral partners.
  • Reseller Partners. On a select basis, the technology partner may resell Evergage to their clients and is supported by Evergage partner management and sales resources.

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