Deliver more relevant advertising campaigns by integrating Evergage with digital advertising networks and services.

Leveraging the customer data platform (CDP) capabilities of Evergage, business users can create broad or narrow audience segments using any combination of data available (actions, interests, attributes, etc.). Audience-level data, in turn, can be passed to display, retargeting, paid search, social media and advertising networks where it can be used to deliver highly relevant campaigns to targeted groups of people.

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Pass Evergage segments to Google, Facebook, DMPs and DSPs.

Google Ads
Evergage customers can send custom segments to Google Ads in order to reach desired audiences. Rather than relying on a shotgun approach to advertising – where precious ads budgets can be misappropriated – you can be much more selective about who you target. For example, in Evergage, a retail marketer can easily create a segment of people who have a known preference for handbags, have spent more than $100 in the past month, and who have visited the site at least once in the past week. This data can then be passed to Google via Customer Match to promote the company’s fall collection of handbags to a highly receptive audience.

Facebook Ads
Evergage’s behavioral tracking provides businesses with an unprecedented understanding of each individual’s interests and intent. This information – on its own or combined with other data brought into Evergage – can be used to create specific audience segments which can be shared with Facebook via a Custom Audience for targeted ad campaigns. What’s more, with Facebook’s Lookalike Audience, businesses can reach new people who are who are similar to those in the highest-performing Custom Audience segments passed from Evergage.

Create broad or narrow segments in Evergage and pass the audience data to LiveRamp for media onboarding. LiveRamp anonymizes first-party data and assigns each customer record an "IdentityLink" within its proprietary identity graph. This anonymized view of the customer can, in turn, be used to deliver targeted ads – and track campaign performance – across more than 500 ad platforms in LiveRamp’s partner network.

DMPs to DSPs
Demographic information from DMPs such as Neustar, Lotame and others can be passed to Evergage where the data can be used to enhance customer profiles and the relevancy of your personalization campaigns. Consequently, the rich first-party customer information collected by Evergage can also be passed to DMPs. Doing so enables businesses to leverage Evergage-generated insights to deliver more targeted ad campaigns through the demand-side platforms (DSPs) with which DMPs maintain relationships.

Direct to DSPs
For companies that utilize demand-side platforms (DSPs) directly to buy and serve ads across digital media properties, Evergage can pass rich segment-level data directly to these systems. If you’re using a DSP like Criteo, Adroll or AppNexus, for instance, you can build an Evergage segment of website visitors or mobile app users who have been active in the past week and read more than three articles on mortgages, and pass this data to your DSP to use for a highly focused retargeting campaign.

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"With Evergage, we have taken personalization to a new level by making more impactful connections with our already engaged members. The Evergage platform really satisfies our digital marketing team’s need to understand our customers and act on it in real time."



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