Leverage the deep behavioral insights collected by Evergage to deliver 1:1 personalized emails that are sent to specific audience segments or triggered on a one-off basis.

Email undoubtedly remains a critical communication channel – one used by all businesses today. But just relying on one-size-fits-all communication practices to guide your campaigns significantly limits the potential of your email marketing program. With Evergage, B2C and B2B companies can introduce an entirely new level of sophistication with their email campaigns – taking into consideration each customer’s individual behavior, history and preferences – to drive greater relevance and higher clickthrough rates, engagement and sales.

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Trigger messages based on visitor actions and external factors, and deliver 1:1 personalized content into existing email campaigns.

Send Triggered Email Campaigns
Create and schedule triggered email messages based on specific visitor actions, cumulative behavior or environmental changes. Messages can be sent immediately or configured to be delivered at a specific time or day of the week.

Personalize Emails at Open Time
Add 1:1 personalized content or recommendations to Evergage-triggered messages or email campaigns in your existing email service provider (ESP) or marketing automation platform (MAP). The personalized content is rendered at open time – not when it’s sent – taking into consideration each person’s latest known affinities and preferences.

Send Personalized Batch Campaigns
Send one-time or recurring emails – weekly, monthly, etc. – to specific lists or your entire database with SmartBatch. Emails can be configured to include personalized banners, promotions and text customized at send time as well as product and content recommendations that are personalized at open time based on a person’s up-to-date preferences and most recent website activity.

Continue Conversations on Your Website
When people visit your site from an email campaign, seamlessly continue the conversation on any page of your website – not just a dedicated landing page. If the visitor leaves and returns a month later, you can pick up where he left off during his initial experience.

Coordinate with Your ESP/MAP
Evergage works seamlessly with your company’s existing email solution(s). This includes passing segment and field data back and forth between systems; managing opt-in, unsubscribe and suppression lists; and ensuring frequency capping – so as not to overwhelm your email recipients.

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"With Evergage, we have taken personalization to a new level by making more impactful connections with our already engaged members. The Evergage platform really satisfies our digital marketing team’s need to understand our customers and act on it in real time."



Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!