Extend the Core Capabilities of Evergage in Exciting Ways

Evergage Gears™ is a framework that enables customers, partners and developers to more efficiently integrate the Evergage platform with other systems, add functionality that extends the platform’s core capabilities, and take advantage of reusable templates and custom reports. All of the connectors, extensions, campaign templates and custom reports – provided as part of Evergage Gears – help enhance the value of your investment in Evergage.


Connectors, also known as Evergage Integrations, enable customers to integrate the Evergage platform with first and third-party data sources and complementary systems. Using a variety of integration options – either client- or server-side – information can easily be passed in or out of Evergage. Out-of-the-box and custom connectors use Evergage’s APIs, orchestration system, triggers or webhooks, and enable companies to utilize the most relevant customer data for their campaign and analysis needs.


Extensions include widgets and plug-ins that add specific functionality to a company’s website, mobile app or email campaigns. These extensions plug into the Evergage core platform and are easy to deploy and manage. Evergage SmartHistory, SmartSearch and our “store finder” widget are examples of extensions in use today. Partners and developers are able and encouraged to create their own extensions too.


Campaign templates are pre-built snippets of code that can be customized and then deployed into a personalization campaign. Infobars, slide-ins, popups and product recommendation carousels are commonly used campaign templates. To help companies expedite their personalization campaigns, each template can be modified to match a company’s existing branding.


A variety of reports for campaigns, segments, revenue, funnels, traffic and more are included in the Evergage platform. However, recognizing the need for customers to have greater flexibility with data analysis, Evergage has extended the native reporting capabilities with custom reports. Custom reports enable you to code your own logic (or re-use others’ custom logic) in order to view and interpret data in Evergage in unique ways for business intelligence and optimization purposes.


Evergage’s Data Science Workbench provides data scientists a means of accessing the data that Evergage tracks and maintains on each and every visitor, customer and account. This not only includes in-depth behavioral data but also contextual information and explicit survey responses. Data scientists can use the workbench to create visualizations, execute data transformations, and run numerical simulations and statistical models. Output from their analysis can, in turn, be brought back into Evergage as profile attributes where they can be used in a company’s personalization initiatives.

"Evergage has become a critical personalization and customer data platform for Citrix – collecting and processing important user activity data that is passed to a complementary analytics solution."



Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!