Leverage deep behavioral insights on both individuals and accounts to enable more effective sales, customer support, and customer success.

With Evergage, businesses can closely monitor individual- and account-level engagement on their websites, in their web applications and inside their mobile apps, and then respond in-the-moment with personalized digital experiences. That same valuable information can also be passed to customer service, customer success, and sales staff to enable better, more relevant engagement.

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Leverage the deep behavioral insights collected by Evergage to better enable sales and support professionals servicing customers via email, chat and phone.

Track Individuals & Accounts
Understand engagement and usage across different channels at both the individual and account level.

Understand True Engagement
To evaluate adoption and reduce churn, use Evergage to automatically monitor usage and track key metrics against your goals.

Notify Key Stakeholders
Inform customer success, customer support or sales staff – via email or in a CRM or call center application – when certain actions have or have not been taken.

Synchronize Data with CRM
Send updates on engagement, segment membership, affinities, interests and recommendations to your CRM system where they can be leveraged by your sales, customer success, and support teams.

Reduce Support Costs
Identify known customer roadblocks and provide real-time assistance in the form of timely messages or related support documentation.

Improve Call/Chat Centers
Integrate behavioral tracking data with your call/chat center solutions to provide operators with an extra level of customer insight.

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"Evergage has become a critical personalization and customer data platform for Citrix – collecting and processing important user activity data that is passed to a complementary analytics solution."



Evergage is Fast to Implement and Easy to Use, Without Developers!