The advanced machine learning capabilities of Evergage enable you to realize true 1:1 personalized experiences and dramatically improve operational efficiencies.

The most successful companies today are on a mission – one that requires them to reinvent how they interact with their customers. Rather than deliver a universal experience for everyone or a few different experiences for certain groups, these companies are looking to provide each person with a digital experience that is unique and maximally relevant. Given the amount of data and complexity required to execute this vision at scale, machine learning is essential.


Evergage’s machine-learning algorithms were designed to ingest, understand and process deep behavioral analytics data – such as active time spent, on-page engagement and product/content item context (e.g., category, tags, style, etc.) – all in real time. No other personalization vendor is even collecting such in-depth information let alone feeding it into algorithms.


B2C and B2B companies can automatically deliver relevant offers and experiences to individual website visitors, application users and email recipients. By applying advanced algorithms like Contextual Bandit, companies can use machine learning to determine and display the optimal offer for someone based on their likelihood to engage as well as the business value to the company.


Evergage can deliver true 1:1 product and content recommendations using deep understanding of each individual while giving business users complete control and oversight of recommendation “recipes.” Easily add one or more algorithms and apply filters (e.g., exclude products less than $100) and boosters (e.g., promote products of the visitor’s preferred brand) to hone the recipe to meet certain business objectives.


With Evergage, machine learning algorithms aren’t limited to dynamic offers and product and content recommendations. They can be used to make a visitor’s entire experience individually relevant. This includes personalized promotions, navigation, search results, lists, category and brand recommendations, and email campaigns. Marketers have the power to completely transform each visitor’s digital experience – across touchpoints – so it’s truly unique for each customer.


The most powerful combination is human intelligence combined with machine learning. To ensure desired results, marketers can preview what their machine learning recipes will display to particular individuals for website or email campaigns. Business users can also test recipes against each other to determine the winning candidate.


Evergage Guardian uses machine learning to constantly monitor thousands of business metrics. In doing so, it quickly identifies opportunities and issues that are performing above or below recognized patterns and surfaces metrics having the most significant impact on business goals. Guardian is like adding a team of data scientists to your marketing department – just to keep an eye on your analytics data and bring you valuable insights.

"From the beginning, we were impressed by Evergage’s ease of use for marketers and ‘white-box’ approach."



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