Present timely messages and experiences based on specific actions and behaviors.

Evergage makes it easy to instantly send messages to specific customers; deliver experiences to particular visitors or users; send alerts to internal stakeholders; or pass data to external systems – all based on an individual’s or account’s activity or engagement, external factors like weather or geography, or even changes to product and content catalogs.

Email Messages 2x 1


Use Evergage’s deep behavioral tracking capabilities to trigger one-off email messages to specific individuals. For example, you can send an email to a shopper who has shown interest in a particular product but hasn’t completed a purchase. Or send an email to a prospect who hasn’t read a recently published blog post in her preferred category.


Present a mobile app user with tactful notifications on his iOS or Android device. Trigger messages based on number of logins, time spent in-app, user status, survey requests and more. Retailers can even alert specific customers of new inventory, price reductions or unused store credits.

Abandonment Prevention 2x 1


Re-engage visitors when they appear to be leaving your website. Abandonment or bounce prevention messages – usually in the form of pop-up windows or modals – are an effective way for companies to keep visitors on your site. With Evergage, abandonment prevention messages can include real-time recommendations or relevant badging or trending details.


Reach visitors when they are actively engaged with your website. Present messages to first-time visitors or those from a specific geography, referring source or campaign. You can even target visitors who have downloaded a particular piece of content or taken a specific action (e.g., watched intro video).

Website Messages 2x 1
Customer Success 2x 1


Monitor how individuals and companies use your web application and strategically engage them at precisely the right time. Messages can be triggered based on onboarding steps completed, surveys not yet completed, or known sticking points in your app. Firms can even use Evergage to notify CS reps of potential churn risk.


Observe visitor and account-level behavior on your website and alert internal stakeholders of noteworthy changes in activity. For instance, if in the past two days, there’s been a surge of new and repeat visitors from a high-value prospect, you can trigger a message to a sales rep to prompt her to follow up.

Sales Enablement 2x V3


Collect insights about the people and accounts who interact with your website, web application or mobile app. Then, when certain behaviors are identified, trigger a message – via API or webhook – to another application or system. For example, if a customer has actively engaged with mortgage content on your website, Evergage can inform your CRM system of this particular interest, logging it for follow-up by an agent.

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"Evergage allows us to try out new tactics to power our multi-channel customer experience. With Evergage, we can show our shoppers that we truly understand them with relevant recommendations and brand experiences that are unique to each individual."



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