Deliver personalized experiences to known users and customers when they are logged in.

For subscription-based businesses like SaaS, financial services, publishers and many retailers, the logged-in environment – aka “web applications” – is often the primary interface for engaging with end-users and customers. Fortunately, the Evergage platform enables marketers to understand in-depth user behavior within web applications, target personalized experiences to individuals and accounts, run A/B tests, and analyze campaign results.

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Dynamically promote tips and training to new users, highlight new or under-utilized features to existing users, and showcase relevant use cases to specific accounts.

Support Single Page Apps
Evergage supports traditional web applications and natively supports those built on the latest JavaScript libraries like AJAX, Angular, React, Backbone and others.

Understand B2C, B2B & Accounts
Monitor engagement, adoption and behavior – at the individual- and account-level – within logged-in environments.

Onboard Customer
Move people through important onboarding steps – with tutorials and checklists – to improve customer adoption.

Address Roadblocks
Identify known roadblocks and provide real-time assistance in the form of timely messages or related support links.

Promote Customized Stores
B2C and B2B retailers can use Evergage to dynamically create unique micro-stores or “boutiques” for their customers or groups of customers.

Add Call-Out Messages
Strategically introduce new features or provide support tips and tutorials when appropriate and when users are engaged inside of the application.

Target Specific Users/Accounts
Present individual users or accounts with helpful hints or enticing offers related to particular behaviors and/or preferences.

Introduce Progressive Surveys
Deploy surveys to collect insights – including NPS scores – and respond immediately based on how a customer answers a question.

Conduct Tests
Run A/B and multivariate tests within single page web applications to optimize adoption, engagement and/or usage.

Notify Key Stakeholders
Notify customer success representatives or sales staff when certain actions have or have not been taken by users.

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"Evergage allows us to tailor a very specific message to each class of customer, and this kind of personalization is exactly how we’re able to engage new customers and retain our existing customers."



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