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The Role of a Customer Data Platform in Personalization

The Role of Customer Data Platform In Personalization Thumbnail Image
Primary Challenge

Most organizations today face a common problem: how do they leverage enormous volumes of customer and prospect data from many different sources and use it to best serve their customers.

This white paper, written by industry analyst David Raab of the Customer Data Platform Institute, explores what companies need to keep in mind when attempting to consolidate disparate customer data with the aim of better understanding their audiences – down to an individual level – and delivering relevant, personalized experiences. Specifically, this white paper:

  • Explores the importance of rich customer data for personalization

  • Explains the role and capabilities of a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

  • Discusses the value of a combined CDP and personalization solution

Download the white paper, The Role of a Customer Data Platform in Personalization, to learn more about the technology you need to support your company’s personalization efforts and how a Customer Data Platform plays an integral role.