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Personalization Across the B2B Buyer’s Journey

B2B marketers understand that every prospect and customer is unique. They each have their own needs – at the individual and account level – and proceed along the “buyer’s journey” at their own pace. From initial engagement to the consideration, evaluation, contracting, onboarding, adoption, retention and advocacy stages, each person has his own priorities and interests.

In this eBook, we identify the key ways you can use personalization across the B2B buyer’s journey so that no matter what stage someone is in, you’re prepared to provide a relevant and engaging experience. We’ll explain how to use personalization to:

  • Generate more leads with relevant 1-to-1 experiences and content recommendations

  • Engage target accounts with tailored messaging

  • Convert more trial users into paying customers

  • Reduce churn and increase client retention with in-app messaging

  • Drive cross-sell and upsell opportunities

It’s time to make the most of your demand generation, account-based marketing and customer success programs. Download the eBook, Personalization Across the Buyer’s Journey: Examples for B2B Marketers, and start improving visitor engagement, conversion rates and customer retention today!