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Email Personalization: 15 Examples that Go Way Beyond {First_Name}

The way marketers are personalizing their email communications to {CompanyName Here} — which may have been sufficient in the past — does not cut it today. Marketers are sending more and more emails in an attempt to capture the attention of their audiences, only to see them increasingly ignored. All it takes is one irrelevant email for a customer or prospect to begin tuning out your messages — or worse, unsubscribing.

Are you doing enough to cut through all the noise? In this eBook, learn what successful email personalization truly looks like, including how to leverage triggered emails and open-time email personalization. Get inspired with 15 different ways to apply personalization to your email campaigns.

Discover how to:

  • Display relevant e-commerce product recommendations in abandonment emails, price change alerts, post-purchase emails, etc.

  • Reach a B2B prospect or target account with relevant content at the appropriate time in his or her research journey

  • Deliver customer communications that add value for rather than annoy your customer base

Deliver tailored 1:1 email communications to your prospects and customers. Download our eBook, Email Personalization: 15 Examples that Go Way Beyond {First_Name}, to learn how and start improving your email clickthrough rates today!