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By Karl Wirth and Katie Sweet



The one-to-one dream is something marketers have had for 25 years. They have longed to connect with their customers and prospects as individuals and provide truly unique experiences to each of them. As the volume of customer communications across touch points grows exponentially and consumers’ attention spans shrink by the day, delivering individually relevant content and experiences has become an imperative for all organizations. And, frankly, it’s what customers want and expect. While the one-to-one dream had been unattainable for years, machine learning and real-time processing have made it possible today.

In this book, discover what one-to-one personalization is all about, how it’s evolved and what the future entails. Learn how it’s driven by machine learning, delivered across channels and powered by in-depth customer data. Get inspired by the potential for your business and gain insights on how to develop your own personalization strategy and program. Discover how to turn the one-to-one dream into a reality.


“Technology now lets us personalize each individual customer’s experience. With this book, Wirth and Sweet have given us a down-to-earth, eminently practical how-to guide for succeeding in today’s world of predictive analytics, AI, and ubiquitous connectivity."

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D., founders of CX Speakers, LLC, and authors of The One to One Future and Extreme Trust
Sheryl Kingstone

"True one-to-one personalization is now possible for companies across industries and is quickly becoming a business imperative. This book sheds light on important concepts and empowers marketers to take charge."

Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director for Customer Experience and Commerce, 451 Research
Asim Shaikh

"I’ve often thought it would be great if someone wrote the book on how to deliver stellar personalized experiences, and we’re very excited that Evergage, quite literally, has. Karl’s vision and passion for personalization was truly noticeable throughout the book.”

Asim Shaikh, Senior eCommerce Manager, Lenovo
Sean Kleefeld Book Review

“I’m always interested to see how other companies utilize personalization experiences. While conferences are always great to hear others’ ideas, Wirth and Sweet capture a lot that might otherwise get lost in the overload that conference environments can lead to. A very insightful read!”

Sean Kleefeld, AVP Digital Production, Synchrony Financial
Jeffrey MacIntyre

"I spent 2017 reading everything—yes, everything—I could find on personalization: this book holds its own with the best out there. By taking a level-headed, hype-free account of real world scenarios, this title has much to offer novices and experts alike forging their way forward in algorithmic personalization."

Jeffrey MacIntyre, Founder, Bucket Studio
Jennifer Liu Book Review

“The book is great. Wirth and Sweet provide great insights into the trend of personalization moving away from segmentation to true one-to-one experiences. As the ecommerce industry progresses and customers have constantly improving digital experiences, their expectations continue to rise. We have to strive to meet those expectations.”

Jennifer Liu, Sr. Product Manager, Newegg
Josh Soupir Book Review 1

“An excellent read. Covers everything from the technical side of personalization to the human side. Really gives you a holistic view of the personalization landscape, while motivating you to create better customer experiences. Highly recommend.”

Josh Soupir, eCommerce Marketing Strategist, Echogear



Karl Wirth Author
CEO and Co-founder, Evergage
Karl is the CEO and Co-founder of Evergage, the real-time personalization platform company. Together with Greg Hinkle, Evergage’s CTO, Karl founded Evergage in 2010 with the vision of building the next generation customer experience platform—one that not only analyzed data but acted on it in the moment. Today, Evergage provides this solution, along with expert strategy and guidance, enabling hundreds of leading companies to realize the dream of one-to-one personalization. Prior to Evergage, Karl spent 10 years as a product and marketing innovator at several leading companies including RSA Security and Red Hat. He led the development of next-gen software businesses in security, cloud computing and marketing technology. Karl graduated from Harvard with a degree in Physics, and is the proud husband of Elizabeth Wirth and the father of four awesome kids.
Katie Sweet Author
Content Marketing Manager, Evergage
Katie is the Content Marketing Manager at Evergage. With a background in content and product marketing, she is responsible for creating content, managing and writing for the Evergage blog, and sharing the one-to-one vision with the world. She is a frequent writer on a variety of digital marketing and personalization topics. Katie holds an MBA from the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University, and she can often be found reading, traveling and trying adventurous foods.


One-to-one personalization is about tailoring an experience to a visitor or customer at the individual level. The experience could be on a website, mobile app, email, in-person, or any other channel where a person interacts with your brand or company. In contrast to a one-to-all experience (one that is the same for everyone) or a one-to-many experience (one that is targeted to a segment or group of people), a one-to-one experience is truly unique for each person.

In a world cluttered with messages competing for people’s attention all of the time, marketers must surface relevant information if they want to capture the attention of their consumers or business buyers. And as consumers experience personalized experiences from other companies like Amazon, Netflix and Spotify, they grow to expect it from all the other companies they interact with, regardless of industry.

Machine learning is the process of programming computers to make intelligent decisions—and to draw conclusions—without human involvement.

Machine learning has broad applicability across fields, but in the context of personalization, it is used to make the best decision about which experience to show each person at the one-to-one level. While marketers have dreamed of delivering one-to-one experiences for over 25 years, it has not been possible without machine learning, which combines many different sources of data, draws insights about what that data says about an individual, and determines the most relevant experience to deliver.

Together with my co-founder, Greg Hinkle, we launched Evergage in 2010 with the goal of building the next generation customer experience platform—one that not only analyzes data but also acts on it in the moment. In the process of building the company, I have spoken to thousands of marketers and digital professionals about their goals and frustrations around personalization. Today, Evergage provides a best-in-class personalization platform as well as expert strategy and guidance, enabling hundreds of leading companies to realize the dream of one-to-one personalization. With the help of my co-author, Katie Sweet, we’ve put many of the insights learned over the years into this book. I hope you find it educational, insightful and valuable!