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The Power of 1

Individualized Experiences Delivered in Real Time

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Primary Challenge

According to Forrester Research, 83% of marketers say personalization is critical to their company’s success. Yet most personalization solutions haven’t evolved to accommodate today’s 24/7, multi-device, sub-second attention spans and consumer expectations for targeted, unique experiences.

Today’s digital marketers need to significantly improve digital engagement, conversion rates and customer loyalty. To do so, they must be empowered to act on rich and extensive sources of data to deliver relevant, individualized experiences across channels and in real time. This can be accomplished only through The Power of 1.

This white paper highlights the following:

  • The promise and challenges of digital personalization

  • How only a complete personalization platform with The Power of 1 can deliver truly individualized experiences

  • The four elements of The Power of 1

Download the white paper, The Power of 1, to learn more about personalization technology and ensure you have the right information to make the best choice for your organization and your customers.