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Individualized E-Commerce: Great Examples of Real-Time Personalization

Every e-commerce website is different in terms of products, content, layout and navigation. And every shopper is unique with diverse interests, tastes and buying journeys. Individualizing e-commerce is about delivering the most relevant content, recommendations and experiences to each visitor. It’s about applying real-time personalization to capture his attention, encourage him to explore, make a purchase and keep coming back.

In this eBook, we’ll show you 19 compelling examples of real-time personalization in action across the           e-commerce experience. You’ll find practical ideas on how to:

  • Recommend products, categories, brands and offers at a 1:1 level

  • Personalize your homepage experience, PDPs, category pages and more

  • Apply personalization across web, mobile and email channels

  • Create a unique experience for each shopper regardless of how they flow through your site

If you’re looking for inspirational e-commerce personalization examples, download our eBook, Individualized E-Commerce: Great Examples of Real-Time Personalization, and start turning more of your shoppers into loyal customers and driving more revenue for your business today!