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The Case for CDP Extensibility

In today’s world, few creative marketing ideas can be executed without technology. Yet most marketers don’t have the skills to do the technical work themselves and, when they do have the skills, don’t have the time or budget to build their own solutions. The result has been a growing gap between ideas the companies would like to execute and ideas they are able to execute.

This white paper, written by industry analyst David Raab of the Customer Data Platform Institute, explores the need to close the execution gap through an extensible approach. Rather than trying to include every possible function, extensible platforms offer users the option of adding their own functions. In the white paper, Raab covers topics such as:

  • How businesses have tried to close the execution gap in the past and the drawbacks to those approaches

  • Why an extensibile approach is the best way to overcome the execution gap

  • Key features and examples of an extensible approach

  • What to look for when seeking out an extensible system

Download the white paper, The Case for CDP Extensibility, to learn more about extensibility and the important role it plays in your customer data platform selection.