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Why Website Personalization Is The Most Important Part of Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has exploded in popularity for B2B companies as technological advances have allowed for more precise online targeting. It’s clear why ABM is so popular — if you have key accounts or industries you target, why waste time and budget on unqualified prospects?

When potential buyers from your target accounts visit your site, you want them to engage with the most relevant content, learn about capabilities and offerings pertinent to their organizations, and become more receptive to communication from your sales team. So if real-time website personalization is not a part of your ABM strategy, you are missing opportunities to be individually relevant to each buyer and increase conversion rates among your most important accounts.

In this eBook, you’ll uncover:

  • An overview of ABM with a comparison to inbound marketing

  • Questions to ask yourself at each stage of ABM strategic planning

  • The critical role personalization plays in ABM

  • Key ABM personalization use cases to implement for your organization

Download this eBook and gain the insights necessary to leverage personalization in your ABM program!