Academy Sports + Outdoors
Customer Success Story

Zachary Burgeson from Academy Sports + Outdoors describes how personalization has driven up to 30% conversion rates for specific actions on the e-commerce site.

Video Transcript:

Some challenges that we’re looking to solve by using personalization was really focusing around the customer demand, trying to figure out really what they were wanting to pursue on our website and in our stores. And Evergage came in and was really great at helping us identify those customer pain points and also find viable solutions to help solve it.

We chose the Evergage platform because we were really looking for something that housed not only A/B testing and recommendations but the entire customer lens. Understanding the data behind every interaction was really important to us, and so having a single view of the customer was paramount to having us have success.

So, we do a lot with brand affinity right now, and Evergage has, of course, the brand affinity bias that we can put in a campaign, and that allows our customers to have a little more confidence with what they’re shopping for, just because the brand will resonate better with their interests.

Typically, when we do a push marketing campaign, we’ll see kind of a 2.5 to 3 percent conversion rate, but with the Evergage personalization, we’d see sometimes upwards of 25 to 30 percent conversion on a specific action.

Adopting machine learning in your personalization strategy really requires you to be thoughtful in the long term and understand how to use the systems effectively. I think it’s really important that you start small and expand, versus starting too big and trying to pare down.

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