Apperian Customer Success Story


Nicole Perrault, Director of Information Experience at Apperian, describes how using Evergage’s real-time personalization platform has dramatically improved customer engagement, feature usage and retention.

Apperian is a company that builds a platform, a SaaS platform for organizations that want to deliver their mobile applications to users, and we allow them to do that in a way that’s secure and easy for their end-users and for them. So, this platform, to do all of that, has a lot of complexity and a lot of functionality. So, we felt like we needed a lot more insight into how customers are using the product so that we could then take that information and inform various product decisions throughout the company.

Another challenge was we wanted to be able to make that experience tailored to different users, because, again, being a very complex product, one size definitely does not fit all. So, you’re going to give them all this functionality, but how can you help them use it? How can you guide them from point A to point B to point C? So, we wanted to be able to take the insight that we were gathering and gaining about how they were using the product, and then feed that both into product decisions, but also into a more customized user experience that would support our customers, guide them to value, and help them be more successful.

To solve these challenges that we had before us, we took an approach where first we started collecting all of this information that Evergage was able to help us gather, and then we started building our campaigns. We wanted to be able to educate and inform our users, so we wanted to be able to help them understand what features are in the product that they’re not using, so we could educate them about those features, but also guide them to value if there’s something that they haven’t taken advantage of that we believe would be useful to them.

We also wanted to engage those users and collect some feedback from them. We’ve implemented an NPS, net promoter score survey, that we’re able to publish to our customers while they’re in the application, and Apperian’s application is sort of top of mind for them. But every 60 days, we’ll serve the survey to them and ask them whether or not they would recommend Apperian to a friend or colleague, which is sort of the ultimate NPS question, and then they rank that on a scale from zero to ten. And then, they can also provide some additional feedback with that as well.

We also have a campaign where we’re notifying customers when there’s been a server upgrade. So, we’re telling them when there’s new functionality and guiding them to value by letting them know about new features that are available to them. And we’ve noticed that we’re getting two and a half times the click-through rate in that Evergage campaign than what we get in just the conventional email that we were sending out before, and we were very pleased with that.

So, other than just getting that JavaScript beacon on our site to begin with, that was the only thing I needed my developers to do for me and get that into the code, it’s something that I can do on my own. When I want to push out a new campaign, I can do it. It was also a great way to be able to make changes on the fly in the product that impact the user’s experience, but don’t require any code changes in our product. And this was super important to us as well.

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