B2B Web Personalization for Demand Generation & ABM


Many B2B websites are losing visitors because their messages and content aren’t relevant. With personalization, marketers can tailor their content to each persona and improve results for their demand generation programs and account-based marketing (ABM) initiatives.

B2B web visitors are often frustrated when content and messages aren't relevant to them. To meet demand generation goals and ensure success with ABM initiatives, leading B2B marketers turn to real-time personalization with Evergage. Learn more at https://www.evergage.com/resources/ebooks/driving-success-with-personalization-for-b2b-tech-marketers/

Remember the last time someone droned on and on about a topic you weren’t interested in? That’s how many visitors feel about their experiences on B2B websites.

According to SiriusDecisions, 67% of the buyer’s journey is completed online. Yet 74% of customers say they are frustrated when website content is not personalized to their interests.

But how do you provide a relevant, individualized experience to EACH website visitor without getting lots of developers involved and busting your budget?

With Evergage’s real-time personalization platform, a single marketer can create and manage 1:1 personalization and account-based marketing campaigns that boost engagement and conversions.

You’ll have access to a single unified profile for each visitor and account that incorporates in-depth behavioral analytics combined with data from your CRM, marketing automation platform and other sources. By understanding each visitor’s identity, interests and intent, you can match people to target personas and deliver personalized messages, content recommendations, and experiences that are appropriate to their account, industry or stage of the buyer’s journey...in real time.

Evergage’s personalization experts will support you every step of the way, sharing best practices and campaign ideas that are proven to deliver results -- all at no additional cost.

Drive your demand generation and account-based marketing programs with Evergage, THE real-time personalization platform.

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