Buildium Customer Success Story


Sam Driver, Director of Product Management at Buildium, describes how using Evergage’s real-time personalization platform has increased user adoption of Buildium’s solution and improved customer retention.

Evergage allows us to tailor a very specific message to each class of customer, and this kind of personalization is exactly how we’re going to be able to engage new customers and retain our existing customers. The approach we took to solve the personalization challenge was to really better understand the different classes of customer. So, we started to do segmentation using Evergage to understand, by behavior within our app, what kinds of things different classes of customers did. What this allowed us to do was identify a group of customers who shared a series of traits and then we could provide dedicated messaging to them.

We had some very interesting results from some of our campaigns. The first one that stands out is the fact that we actually had some mistaken assumptions about what our customers were actually doing. For the core workflows that our customers do, which are leasing, maintenance, back-office management, and accounting, we found upwards of 20 percent of our customers weren’t participating in at least one of those three areas, and they were using some other piece of software, or Excel, or QuickBooks, to solve that problem. By learning that they could do a lot of that function within Buildium, we were able to solve a lot of customer pain from their end.

We’ve had a lot of success working with the Evergage team, because their knowledge around how to best implement a tool paired with our knowledge about our customers made for compelling campaigns and really smart segmenting. We chose Evergage because they had ready and friendly available help to us in the beginning, and then once we learned to depend on that ready help, then they started to contribute more meaningfully in terms of strategic analysis and better understanding of how we could use the tool to get more information or better information. So, the selection of the tool and the team went hand-in-hand. It allowed us to do a lot of the things we couldn’t do ourselves, and when it enabled that, it also gave us a great team that could help us figure it out quickly.

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