Personalization Story: Dell Outlet

Sofia O’Malley describes how Dell Outlet drives engagement and conversion rates with personalization, and offers advice to help other businesses use personalization to optimize the customer journey.

Video Transcript:

Some of the challenges that we face in our business is to truly engage our customers and to make sure that they feel that Dell Outlet is truly addressing their unique needs when it comes to purchase technology decisions.

We really focus on engagement because we know engaged customers convert at a higher rate, and the overall brand awareness and advocacy is higher when we have engaged customers. So, personalization truly helped us deliver that extra level of engagement that is needed.

To solve the personalization challenge, we look at different elements throughout the purchase journey, and identify which areas we might benefit from offering additional information that will help the customer make their purchase decision. And personalization truly enabled us to tailor that experience to best address that customer need.

One of our key personalization campaigns has been educating the visitors to our site. So, some people might come to Dell Outlet and they’re not familiar with what type of products they have access to, or whether they will have the same warranty as if they bought a new product, and we take the opportunity to truly educate them about the diversity of portfolio that we offer, as well as the warranty options that are available, and the quality of our product.

Personalization has really enabled us to drive higher engagement and have higher conversion and it has been a great investment for our business.

I think the best advice to anyone considering personalization is to truly understand what are their customer needs and what do they want out of the program. I think that will allow them to really tailor the experience and ensure that they are best optimizing that customer’s journey to truly address the unique customer needs.

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