Endurance International Group Customer Success Story


Michael Kesselman, EVP, Innovation and Market Growth at Endurance International Group, describes how using Evergage’s real-time personalization platform has dramatically improved conversion rates.

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Some of the challenges that we were facing as a company that caused us to look more deeply at personalization was the fact that we’re serving lots of anonymous customers that are coming in from a lot of different places, a lot of different countries, and have a lot of different needs. They’re starting at different points in their journey, and we have lots of products to sell them. So, trying to figure out how to match the right customer, or potential customer, with the right product at the right time was something that we felt was a real opportunity to grow.

One of the early campaigns we did to prove out the benefits of personalization was to move customers or identify customers who were looking to upgrade their website builder from a free package to a paid package, and we had been running this campaign for years. We would identify people who had ever used the product and would send an email out, or an in-product message to them, encouraging them to upgrade. And we were seeing sub-1 percent conversion rates for those types of campaigns.

So, we were able to target the audience much better, we were able to improve the placement of when that message pops up, and increase the frequency with which targeted customers saw that message, and that was able to get an order of magnitude difference in our conversion.

When we looked at the benefits that we got from personalization, it really came down to an increased conversion rate for the campaigns that we are running, higher engagements, and fewer contacts to our call centers, because we were able to anticipate what our customers needed, target them at the right time, and present them with the right message.

So, one of the reasons why Evergage was such a natural choice for us was it put the technology in the hands of the people that understood the business and understood the experience that we were trying to create. Too often when we were trying to experiment with either personalization or some sort of customization, we’d have to form a hypothesis, create a spec and pass it off to the development team to implement. And that could take four, five weeks to be able to get something back, only learn that it didn’t work, and we’d have to try again.

So, what Evergage did is it allowed us to really identify our opportunities and prioritize those better, because we were able to quickly see where the segments and the clusters of customers were so we could prioritize who we want to go after. And by being able to implement the personalization without going through a development team or design team, we were able to roll those experiments out a lot faster and learn a lot quicker.

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