Engagement and Conversion Success Stories


Marketers from Endurance International, Nuxeo and ValoreBooks discuss their demand gen and conversion challenges, personalization campaigns, and results achieved using Evergage. They also provide details on why they chose Evergage as their personalization solution.

Learn why Evergage is the personalization solution of choice for innovative digital marketers

Michael Kesselman, EVP, Innovation and Market Growth, Endurance International Group:
Some of the challenges that we were facing as a company that caused us to look more deeply at personalization was the fact that we’re serving lots of anonymous customers that are coming in from a lot of different places, a lot of different countries, and have a lot of different needs. They’re starting at different points in their journey, and we have lots of products to sell them. So, trying to figure out how to match the right customer, or potential customer, with the right product at the right time was something that we felt was a real opportunity to grow.

Melinda Cormier, Senior Director, Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy, Nuxeo:
So, we originally wanted to find a solution that we could personalize the website with to increase engagement from leads all the way to customer acquisition.

Moira Finicane, Director of Product Marketing, Valore:
So, as an e-commerce company with over 10 million visitors to our site each year, we know that for every one percent increase that we get in conversion or average order value, that translates into a serious business benefit for us. So, to that end we’re always looking for ways to optimize on-site behavior and make the experience as personalized as possible.

Personalization Campaigns:

Endurance International Group: One of the early campaigns we did to prove out the benefits of personalization was to move customers or identify customers who were looking to upgrade their website builder from a free package to a paid package.

Valore: So, for example, we have students who rent books with us, and then we know three months later they’re going to come back to our site to return those books. We’d love to be able to personalize messages to them.

Prateeksha Barman, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Nuxeo:

We have a lot of university videos where we have demos and resources and explanations of features, That’s a very good source of lead acquisition for us.

Results and Benefits:

Nuxeo: So, those video views went up by around 175 percent after we started Evergage, and we have started getting more leads in, so that’s kind of performing very well, as well as the goal conversion part. We did have about a 25 percent increase in goal conversion overall as well.

Valore: Simply by changing the “Continue Selling” link on our site, we were able to accomplish, I think it was a 14 percent increase in average order value and a 7 percent increase in conversion rate. So, those are huge results.

Why Evergage:

Nuxeo: Yeah, we evaluated a couple different platforms to decide which was going to be the best for us, but Evergage really just stood out from the rest. The support team was amazing. We did a lot of back and forth in the first month. They really worked with us to scrape our site, to really look where we had opportunities to personalize.

Valore: So, we chose Evergage for a few different reasons. One, it allowed us, with not very much engineering time, to get up and running pretty quickly, and it allowed the marketing team to have more control and agility.

Endurance International Group: One of the reasons why Evergage was such a natural choice for us was it put the technology in the hands of the people that understood the business and understood the experience that we were trying to create.

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