Evergage for E-Commerce


Every e-commerce website is unique with different content, offerings, layout and navigation. And every shopper has diverse intentions, tastes and purchase patterns. You need real-time personalization to help you cater to the diverse needs of your visitors and meet your e-commerce website goals.

Evergage tracks each visitor's shopping behavior on your site and empowers you to respond in real time with relevant offers or messages, automatically promoted products or brands, and timely incentives. Start turning more shoppers into buyers, reducing shopping cart abandonment and lifting revenues on your e-commerce site today with web personalization software that drives real results!

Are you maximizing the revenue potential of all other online shoppers? Are you happy with your conversion rate and average order value? Is your cart abandonment rate too high? For e-commerce companies, small improvements to key metrics like these can have a big impact on the bottom line. But many struggle with ways to move the needle. One-to-one real-time personalization, however, can be a game changer.

Imagine if you could track what every visitor and customer is doing on your site; where they're located and how they arrived, what they're spending the most time viewing, what they purchase, what they leave in their cart, and much more. Then use that information to deliver targeted content and offers in real time.

With Evergage, you can! With no coding, catalog integration, or IT required, marketers can setup campaigns to deliver personalized experiences to each shopper, automatically promote the most relevant products or brands, and present the right incentives at the right time. With Evergage, you can go even further and differentiate the site experience by empowering your shoppers to browse products and reviews based on the behavior of like-minded individuals or their own personal viewing history.

Trusted by leading brands around the world, Evergage's easy-to-implement, cloud-based platform is providing behavior-driven personalization to millions web visitors every day. Get up and running fast, and start driving more conversions and greater revenue by engaging your shoppers using real-time personalization with Evergage.


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