Evergage for Email – Open-time Personalization


Evergage for Email – working together with any email marketing solution – makes it fast and easy to create highly relevant email campaigns that incorporate 1:1 content, promotions and recommendations updated at open time.

What’s the most important ingredient of a successful email campaign? We think it’s relevancy. Learn more at

Of course it’s important to choose the right audience segment, come up with an awesome subject line and use quality copy and visuals. But what about relevancy?

How can you ensure your message hits home with each person?

You need to treat people individually, not en masse.

Customizing the content inside an email by inserting someone’s name or company into the message just isn’t enough.

Effective personalization starts with understanding an email recipient’s’ identity and her true interests and intent.

You can determine this based on how she interacts with your mobile app ... or website.

Most importantly, you want to know exactly what content she engages with, how she engages with it, and for how long.

This type of in-depth behavioral analytics, combined with machine learning – provided by the Evergage platform – yields the insights you need, to uncover each visitor’s preferences and affinities.

To create a truly personalized experience, simply build your logic in Evergage … preview what will be displayed to different recipients … and then copy and paste the HTML into an email campaign in your existing email marketing solution.

When recipients open your email, they’ll see up-to-the minute, personalized content and recommendations.

In short, Evergage for Email presents the most relevant email experience for each and every individual.

If you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns, maximize the relevancy of your communications with Evergage.

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