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A humorous look at the Adobe approach to personalization compared to the Evergage platform. Mary, the marketer, wants to personalize her website and is trying to decide between Adobe v Evergage. Adobe’s approach requires multiple, disparate tools be stitched together along with lots of initial and ongoing help from IT and developers to make it work. And in the end, the personalization and recommendations delivered are not necessarily on target or delivered in true real time. Evergage, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive, marketer-friendly, easy to implement, true real-time personalization platform.

Mary is a modern marketer who she needs to increase engagement and conversions on her website. To do so she wants to deliver relevant personalized experiences to each visitor. Mary needs to get started and show results pronto!

Professor E's solution is Evergage, THE real-time personalization platform.

Addy B's solution is Adobe, which claims to be just as fast and effective.

Which one should Mary choose?

Evergage considers each visitors behavior: including active time spent on every item viewed, in both the current session and all previous ones. With this level of data, Mary can understand the visitor's intent and then present a highly personalized experience including one-to-one product or content recommendations, and it all happens in milliseconds.

Addy B's solution tries to show whats most relevant but it's based on clicks, not time spent. And the data it collects isn't always available to act on in real time. Without considering all of a visitors past behavior and current session activity, how can you understand their true intent?

Professor E's solution gives you the Power of 1: a single, comprehensive real-time personalization platform. Built from the ground up for today's marketer, it doesn't require IT or developers. Set up takes just a couple days. There's no limit to the number of segments, algorithms or campaigns that can be created, and marketers can launch them a matter of hours.

Addy B's solution is made up of more than six separate tools: those that were acquired over time and don't play nicely together. Each visitor's information is spread out across these various tools. Implementation can take months and requires lots of engineers, and could end up costing Mary several times the cost of the solution itself! And every time Mary wants to create a campaign or make a change, it can cost her more.

There's a right way and a wrong way to do personalization. Don't compromise: go with the best.

Mary chose Evergage and the Power of 1...you should too!

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